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What is GOING ON?!

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So, as many of you know, Lola was having some diarreha, so I took her to the vet. The vet came to the following conclusion with the results of tests and an exam:
-She didn't have worms (anymore)
-Her lymph nodes were somewhat enlarged
-Since she had no other symptoms other than the enlarged lymph nodes and loose stool, and she had no signs of flat-out, full-blown infection anywhere (eyes, ears, gums, fecal, blood, etc). She probably had the beginnings of some sort of virus or a little bit of her bacterial balance had been thrown off from the stress of moving, so we were put on an anti-biotic and sent on our merry way.

Well, we've completed the drug regimine (as best we could since she likes to spit liquid back up) and the lymphs have gone down a bit, but...now she's puking. I put her back on her wet food today and so maybe that's it? She threw up twice, but is still running around...and I'm positive she didn't get into anything she shouldn't have as am completely paranoid about my cats swallowing things they shouldn't and have taken appropriate measures. The first time she puked, it was more like she regurgitated undigested food and the second time, it was your regular old cat vomit with a bit of a furball in it.

As of right now, I've decided to take her back off the wet and we're looking at alternatives to Evo for dry. She's alert and is actually playing with her George W. Bush right now...her stool was completely normal immediately after puking the 2nd time and she's breathing fine, eyes are fine, gums are fine, coat is fine...

So I'm at a loss. Any ideas on what I should do? Other than try to call the vet? She's acting perfectly normally and is eating, drinking, etc. I just don't know what's wrong with my silly girl!
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Its possible she could've been so excited to see the wet food again that she wolfed it down and then ran off to play, which would make anyone
I'd say keep an eye on her for 24 hrs and if she returns to normal, you're probably in the clear.
But, if you see her puke again or if she goes off food and water, then there might be some sort of stomach bug at work.

good luck!
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Regurgitation and vomit that contains hair are not necessarily signs of anything abnormal. I wouldn't be alarmed unless it continues.
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Oh, also, I've heard of some cats having problems with Evo, something about the high protein content...
Oliver and Emma have been on the Nutro Natural Indoor for awhile now and really are doing well on it. They also get Whole Foods brand wet food--has a great nutritional profile and is pretty darn cheap.
Good luck, again!
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