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Frustrated AGAIN!!!

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Hi there. Some of you might remember me...I've put in a few threads about my frustrations with my spraying cat, Jiro. Well, I'm back again with the same frustrations. Jiro is a male cat (9yrs, neutered as a kitten) and is spraying everything. I moved from my old apartment into a new apartment (*brand new, just built so there is no other cat smell and no other cats in the neighborhood), the doc told me to get Jiro a companion because he may be lonely since I spend long hours at work...I got Jiro a kitten (Which he seems to get along with. *They groom each other so I'm assuming that all is well between them ). I got the Feliway spray and the plug. Yup, he spraying right on top of the plug! <grrrrrrr!!!!> I've tried foil, cat repellent, upside down carpet run, everything! Jiro has been to 3 different vets (1st time he had a UTI, so he was given antibiotics, 2nd time: more anitbiotics and 3rd time:they said he was all clear...well he was still spraying so the next vet put him on Buspar. I was excited becuz I thought this would work....well it only made him kind of groggy but he still sprayed. Finally, i took him to a cat specialist: this vet deals only with cats so I had another spark of hope. The vet did another urinalysis and discovered that Jiro had Triple Struvite Crystals *gasp!* So Jiro was given more anitbiotics and put on a special prescription diet. I was ordered to keep Jiro in the bathroom and only let him out with supervision. About a month later, on his follow-up visit, the urinalysis showed that his crystals were gone and his urine ph level was normal. He is still on the prescription food. I put 3 litter boxes (*I live in a small 2 bedroom apt) So I was confident that it was the UTI that made him spray...NOT!!! He was doing well for about 2 weeks, and now he is spraying again! ARGH!!!! I use Anti-Icky-Poo Enzymatic cleaner and I put things on top of where he has previously sprayed....after literally thousands of dollars in vet bills, I am super frustrated!!! I think I have tried everything! He can't go outside because he is a WUSS! He gets beat up and hates to be outside! I love my cat and I would never ever give him away, but I have to live in my apt and cat pee really stinks! hee hee. Any more ideas? My brain is tired! Help! *thx for reading this super long post!
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ehhh thats a tuff one. My cat is the same way... he is 13, nutered, and still likes to piss in my apartment like its his job! Make sure that his litter box is always clean (scoop away kind.. scoop out every day, clean out twice a week). when you are gone, keep him in a small room, with a clean litter box, food/water and a window if you can. and when you come home let him out, but watch him. and if you see him start to pee, clap your hands to stop him, and tell him "NO!" and put him in the litter box. i keep my cat in my room when i am not home, but let him go down stairs when i am around.. but this is a daily thing, and he will always have to wait for me in my room, unless i feel like being nice and letting him pee everywhere. heh..

good luck!
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thanks for the reply! Yah, I will have to keep him in a room...he just hates being stuffed in a room! He will claw under the door and make terrible yowling sounds! *Jiro is soooo spoiled!!!* When I put him in the bathroom for a month, he didn't spray...it's like he only sprays when he gets to run around the house! He uses his litter box too! He pees and poos in there..it's almost like he sprays becuz he knows it'll piss me off!
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yeah macaroni bangs and bang on the door too.. you just have to learn to ignore it. I use to tie macaroni up at night (he has a collar on, and i would put his food on the floor and tie a string from his collar to my bed post), so he couldn't reach the door at night. but now, he is better, i felt bad tying him up so i started spraying him with water, and after a few times of that he stopped, and now all i do is shake the container of water and he runs away. i think that some cats just like to pee. *Shrugs* and you and i got the lucky ones. ;-)
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Pet Organics No-Stay Furniture Spray $7.99

have you tried that?
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I'll try it....I think I'll try anything right now! Thanks for the suggestion!
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gooooooooooooooooood luck!
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Have you tried different kinds of litter? I've seen problems arise with certain litters, especially the crystal kind... and I've also seen cats who wanted multiple litterboxes, apparently so that they never have to go back into the box while it still smells from a previous visit.

I'm glad you're so committed to your kitty. All good wishes...
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Wow!! You really have gone beyond the call of duty to help your kitty, good for you!!!

I too wonder about the litter - tho I admit I would have also recommended everything you already tried. Make sure the litter is ultra clean (some cats are extra fussy, yours may be one of them). Some also prefer to poo in one box and urinate in another - but with 3 boxes, I would have thought that might have occured already?

Maybe he does not like the litter?

If she was a feral kitten, was she used to dirt? (I am prob off base here but it's a stab in the dark)

Also, many males will spray if they feel threaned in their territory. Is there a cat outside your home that your kitten sees somewhow and is spraying to mark his territory to defend it from the other cat. Cats who are establishing territory by urinating tend to mark vertical surfaces. They stand with their legs straight, tail stiff and vertical and back up to the target. IF that is the case, then you need to deter the outdoor cat - as awful as that sounds. Or find out who owns him or if not owned, take him to a no kill shelter.

I hope some of this works!!! Good luck!
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