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Canada-USA Hockey Game

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Congratulations to all canadians for winning the gold in the hockey game. I love the USA, but I love Canada too. Also the couple figure skating!
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I just watched one of the best hockey games I've ever seen. Both sides played their very best..no cheap shots,no stupid fights,no excuses made. I'm pleased that Canada won,naturally,on several levels;but team USA could just have easily worn the gold. This was HOCKEY!!! Be proud of your team too my American friends..they gave it all they had.
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And if someone had to take the gold, I am glad it was Canada. Both the male and female players were awesome!
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I was just explaining to my son why I was glad that Canada took the gold. He didn't know that hockey is a matter of national pride for you Canadians. I can imagine how good everybody feels up there right about now. That's worth a silver for the U.S.

The entire hockey series in this Olympics has been some of the best hockey in recent history.
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I missed the game, but I'm happy to hear that it was an exciting game and everyone carried themselves well. I'm just as happy that Canada won, as I would be in we had.
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It was an awesome game!!! I haven't done that much screaming over a game in a long time.
Just finished watching the closing ceremony's...Salt Lake City did an excellant job...wow. I'm sorry the games are over.

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