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Sweater or T-shirt for ill kitty for winter

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Hi, my Seymore has a terminal illness. Vet called it Kitty Aids. He is an outside cat that adopted us a few years back. I had him vacinated for everything possible. He was diagnosed in January. I cannot let him roam the yard any more as he is not up to defending his territory like he used to. That's what got him into trouble I imagine. Plus I have to give him an anti biotic pill in the morning and evening plus liquid vitamins on his food. I give him bottled water like we drink. He prefers fresh rain water but it has been so dry for so long that is not possible. I also have to monitor his litter box in case of kidney failure or diaherea. I put him outside during the day on a long leash. He has adjusted to that so well. I was suprised. He is such a smart cat though I think he knows we are just trying to protect him. We are living in a 23' camper. He does not like being inside. Doug made an apartment/condo for him that we put him in at night. One side for his food and water and litter box and the other is his living room/bedroom. We take this rig with us when traveling so he is not so cooped up. He is inside a building at night that is being built. There is no heat in the building yet. In really cold weather we can put a portable heater in there. When he was well he survived very well in the cold but I worry about him now. He is so thin even though he eats well. Part of his illness. Has anyone ever put a T-shirt or sweater on a cat for the winter. I can put cardboard around his sleeping quarters but I don't want to close him in too much - he needs some fresh air.
Comments please.
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You can find clothes for cats by following the link

Cat Fashions
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Though I've never tried it myself, it sure sounds like your guy wouldn't mind. I would check out the site Hissy suggested. (She always has such great advice.)

Basically, I would get him something, and test it out. It certainly can't hurt to try it. He might really like it.

Let us know how your little guy does, ok? Bless you both, him for his courage through this, and you for all you do for him. I'm sure he really loves you for it.
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any local pet stores that sell dog clothes would probably have something that would fit him, as well. you might even be able to find something on sale!
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