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Hi there...

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Hi and welcome! You'll love it here. I look forward to your posts.
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Hi my name is Angela and I didn't realise that I could introduce myself and my kitten. I am really glad to have found this site.
I just recently rescued a kitten from a home with way too many cats, all of which were ill...not good.
I was uncertain whether or not I was ready for another cat as I had lost my cat, Fluffy of ten years, (also a rescued cat, but an older one), this past July.
Niles is a loving and wonderful 8 month old kitten. He is extremely playful despite a sinus infection that does not want to go away.
I hope to meet with many of you for discussions on the wonderful world of cats and kittens.
Thanks for the feedback that I have already recieved regarding my kitttens health problems. I hope to report on his recovery soon.
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Welcome to TCS Angela ! We just loove... New people .
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Nice to see you Angela. Look forward to hearing from you and getting to know you better. Good luck with Niles (what a cute name!) and the sinus infection.
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Welcome Angela!

I hope that both you and Niles enjoy your vists to the site. I hope he feels better soon.
:daisy: :blubturq: :laughing2 :laughing:
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Thank you all for making Niles and I feel at home here.
We are off to the vet tonight, wish us luck
I'm sure Niles will feel better soon.
Always, Ange.
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