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How many cats do you have?

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I have 5 cats and I know that can be a handfull. I was wondering how many cats do you own? Or in other words, how many cats own you?

I remember seeing a Phil Donahue show many years were this lady had 600 cats
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Technically one, but Mystik and Marty seem to love me more so I call them my babies too.
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2 live with me, 3 with my mom and one of them is technically mine. But I say they are all mine anyway! And the 2 dogs!
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Just the two which is our limit. I remember living with my mom though and having four and not thinking that was very many, but this was years ago in the country and they were inside/outside cats (all neutered/spayed however)
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I have 4 right now.I used to have 6 but two brothers both passed on last year from cancer...
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I have five breeding cats, one of which is due to have kittens this weekend and another due the 15th of November and a pet cat Elmo! So that makes 6 with more on the way!
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Just one.

He's handful enough.
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We have 2
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I have a 6 pack!
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14 and 2 dogs
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We presently have 6, but 2 of the kittens are going to good homes soon. We are keeping one of the little girls (Stinker) that my hubby fell in love with. 2 friends from work want the other 2. I am being very particular as to who my babies are going to go home with. They are 9 wks old now and I want to keep them home for another 3 weeks, at least.
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Sierra and Serenity
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I don't own the cat. The cat owns me. So technically, none. I want a rehoming centre where I can take in all the little lost kitties and give them new, loving homes. That's my dream.
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I have two, Pepper and Pixie. Those two are a handful and more than enough for me...
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Originally Posted by ScamperFarms
14 and 2 dogs

Oh my god, bless your heart! 14 kittys? How do you manage?
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I have 6 cats.

I started with 1. But the 1 got lonely so I then managed 2.

But the 2 got bored so then it turned to 3. But the 4th came along suddenly and I fell in love.

So then it was 5 because someone didn't want him...

So then it was 6 because 5 got bored with the 4!

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I have 7 cats of my own, 2 dogs (one's a 9 week old puppy) and I have 9 adult foster cats and 2 foster kittens so a total of 18 cats, 2 dogs....
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i have 3 currently - Cable, Java & Pixel
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Just Harley, but he should be able to account for at least 10, he's a handful!
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Technically just one - Bijou, but since our daughter lives at home with us with her kitty Mika, we have 2. (Mika is "nanny's little princess".)
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My husband and I have three cats: Cirrus, Graham, and Merton. We also have one RB cat, Marshmallow.
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I have two ; Felicia and Beau.
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Calico, Lucky, Emma, Ocyrus, Buzz, Libby, Cassie, Claire, Mr Peanut, Houdini, Cue, Bryan, Stewie, Aniken, Luke and Princess Laia. And I can only admit that here!!!!

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Just one. I keep trying to talk dh into another one but he says then he'd have TWO kitty's trying to wake him up at 3 a.m. every day to play!
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we have two cats, Laura and Carter. We'd love to take one or two more, but first there isn't that much space in the house(they fight for their territory ) and second his mum hates cats and just manages to cope with these two somehow...
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Just the one (Moss) but I'm desperate for more
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Three of my own - Katie, Gracie and Peter (although Gracie is demanding enough to count for three or four! ) plus one foster baby, Jessie.
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Four inside, who are allowed to come and go, I leave a window open.
Six ferals outside, four of which have to know and trust me, two of them implicitly.
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