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Abandoned Babies

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My coworkers and I found 2 little bundles of fur Saturday. Both were hungry and dirty. One black and one white. The black one was cold to the touch but alive. Called the hubby and kids to come get the babies. Called home every break to check on them. By the time I got home Sat. evening black one was stronger and warm (thanks to electric blanket). Discovered a woov (fly grub) on the black one, tried vicks vapo rub to bring it to surface so I could get it out, did not work. Off we go to the vet after work Monday, got the grub out (bad scene) I hate for animals to be hurt even when it is a have to. I thought they were about 2 weeks by size but vet says closer to 3 weeks as they are almost teething. Vet put the black one on amoxil and has me syringe feeding both science diet a/d. They are little toms. As of last night black had not pooped, would pee up a storm with stimulation but no poo. Finally went today and daughter said it was dark and stank. Off we go to the vet again. Black one since pooping is more lively than he has been all this time. Vet says he might have a tummy infection and to keep up the antibiotic. Their weights are black one 8 ounces and white one 13 ounces. If we had not found them together I would swear the white one was older. No way of knowing what happened to the mother or if she just misplaced them. They were under the dump tank of a vacuum truck on the frame.
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Good on you for taking on these babies!!!

I'm looking after an abandoned kitten as well! I got her when she was just 3 days old!!!
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Thank you for taking in these little babies! It sounds like they are in good care. This board is a great resource if you have any questions/need any help.
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My daughter finally found the poop she saved, looks like coal. I work at a coal fired power plant. Babies have coal all over them, now it looks like in them too. Maybe a bit of constipation that will pass........ literally.
Vet had me get some milk of magnesia in case they have any more trouble.
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They sound beautiful. When I got my boys (dumped on my steps) one was much larger than the other too, though they were obviously littermates, but now he is catching up fast. Well done for taking them in and good luck with them.
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Mineral oil would be kinder to their system then the milk of magnesia unless the milk of magnesia is to counteract the coal in their systems- poor kitties- is a good resource tool
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Kittens have been playing together today!! Last night as I was cuddling CoalYard (black) he was half-heartedly grabbing at my hair. They were napping when I came in from work. Right now I am waiting as patiently as I can for them to wake up. By the way the white one's name is Guzzler, after the truck they were found in; and it fits. He loves his bottle and takes his A/D from a spoon instead of the syringe (what a big boy).
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Took the kids back to the vet today. Time for Muffin's check up and I took them in and had them weighed again. Guzzler is a shade over a pound and CoalYard is 9.5 ounces. They are much more perky and alert than when we got them last week. Both kids are licking their bit of A/D from a spoon now. Guzzler probably already has a home to go to when the time comes. As for CoalYard, Princess may just have to scoot over (she sleeps with hubby and me).
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They sound a lot healthier now than last week! Glad they are doing so well. Are they 4 weeks now? How cute they must be.
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Toby Sis and Jane Vernon....THANK YOU BOTH for taking in these babies and caring for them.
Bless you sounds like you are doing great jobs with these little ones. Keep up the good work...and please post pics when you can! :-)
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Glad to hear the news that they are both progressing. It is so fulfilling when you can see them getting better. But we would all like to see pix!
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What an amazing difference there must be in those babies! I'll bet they are adorable. Sounds like you found them just in time!
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If you want to see pics of my gorgeous girl just go to this link!
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Glad to hear your two babies are doing well!!! What great names!
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They must be somewhere in their 4th week. They are just starting to get teeth. I bought some of those round throw away cake pans (suggested somewhere on TCS). We are going to begin potty training this week. Most of the credit for their turn around rests with my teenage daughter. She has helped me care for animals most of her life and I must say has learned well. As for pix I do need to learn how to do that. She took a couple of lovely shots last night.
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Originally Posted by TobySis
AWWWW..they are adorable.

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They are so cute!
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awww, beautiful!
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