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Trivia Question

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Does anyone know why some of the kernels in bag of popcorn never pop?

Apparently scientists have finally discovered why this you know?
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Hmm, my thought is that the reason popcorn pops is because the moisture inside the kernal is heated and expands - creating the explosion (maybe not true, but it is what I have always thought). So in my theory, it would be because the kernals are too dry.
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Hmmmm....I have never really thought about it, I always eat the 1/2 popped ones!!

MMMmmm...popcorn sounds really good right now!!
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I don't know why. My grandmother always called the unpopped kernels. Old Maids!
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Maybe because, if others are like me, their microwave is about 100 years old and just plain weak!
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I can't stand popcorn but do share why!
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Mm.. Popcorn. Now I want some.

No idea why though.
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I don't know why some don't pop but I do know that if you break apart the kernals before you put the bag in the microwave you will have far less unpopped kernals than otherwise!
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My best guess would be the water content being too low.
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i had to do a search on it and found the answer but my first thought was that they were not developed properly...
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Originally Posted by Yosemite
My best guess would be the water content being too low.
That was my guess as well...
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I read about this, in the paper. It has something to do with the thickness of the kernels' outer shells.
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Most of you were on the right track. Apparently, the hull of some of the kernels is weak and once heated developes a small crack. This allows the pressure created by the heating, to escape.
So the kernel never developes the minimum pressure needed to cause it to burst.

I know you'll all sleep better tonight now that you're loaded up with that important info!

Anyone else care to ask a question about something? We could keep this thread going.
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does anyone else think that these "scientists" have too much time/movies on their hands?
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Interesting little fact!
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I don't think they ever get together and discuss anything because if they did it wouldn't be one year this is great for you and the next year oh don't eat that or use this, nothing ever is as expected. Information will change many times about food, products. medication, weather patterns and everything else that that so call study.
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