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Second interview down..

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Well I just got in from my second interview i dont think it went as well as the one yesterday. But I wont know anything for sure.. I am so ANSY i wanna start packing, but i dont wanna vodoo myself. LOL but i really feel good about the other interview. and i really REALLY want the job....badly.
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Many good vibes to you, I hope that everything turns out GREAT!!
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thanks! the waiting really is the hardest part. I keep second guessing myself. Like i Know they needed to do evening chores. maybe i should have stayed and offered to help? but than I think no that may have been a bit to much..and..UGH lol
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I'm the same way! I hate waiting!! When do you think you will hear back from them, did they say?
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they said it will be between 1-2 weeks because they do have some other people to interview and they want to make sure they choose the right person. I am hopeing perhaps I shall hear from them on Monday. They seemed impressed with the idea that I told them I would pack up some stuff and move ASAP and deal with getting everything else over as needed. I hate waiting..I hate waiting!
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Don't beat yourself up! I am sure that you dazzled them in the interview, and if you think they were impressed that you would pack up and move for them, thats definatley GREAT that you would do that for them, a definate added bonus for you!

All you can do now is sit back and relax, knowing that you did the best you could, and hope that they will call you back with very POSITIVE news!!
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I am really hopeing. The other thing I think could be a good thing for me, I was early and they had not returned home yet. So I saw some boarders and went down and started talking to them. One thing they stressed is they want someone who is social and kind and friendly to the boarders. I know they noticed I was talking to them, when the drove up. I of course politely ended the conversation, and headed up to meet with them. but they did say "oh we see you met couple of the boarders" I smiled said yes and that we had a lovely chat. Which we did. So I like to think that may be a point for me too, of course, lol I dont know what I am up against either LOL
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Aww wishing you the best! Sounds good!

I can't keep with all these sames on the same topic though, so I'm going to have to go and search for your first one!
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LOL...thanks for the well wishes..hehe..and have fun with the search. It wasnt to long ago though
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