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Give us the day, our Daily Thread

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Happy Sunday to you all! I hope everyone has a wonderful day. The rain has finally left, and sometime during the night both rabbits got out of their enclosure! I was able to capture both of them though, they were just hopping around the property being "yard bunnies" and fending off the ferals. Thankfully the only one hurt is Pal, who has a scratch on his nose from one of the bunnies. Guess he got to close for comfort. Tover and Pewter are now in their regular hutch and will stay there until the new pen is built. I am sure if I remove some of the hay from the outside pen, I will find an elaborate tunnel they have constructed for their partying means! Knowing that they ate the plastic tarp the night they were stranded in the storm, I am sure they could make short work of the canvas that was underneath their pen. At least they are safe, they are very tired and after playing merry chase around the yard with Pewter, I am very tired too!

Have a great day everyone.......
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Hi everyone

got back from San Fran this morning. Now I've got LOADS of laundry staring me in the face. S/O and I went to the grocery store earlier and stocked up (he must have really missed me to agree to go to the store with me!) so now I have a bunch of fruit and veggies to clean and bag up for the week. And he's begging for some ice tea, so I'll be making some of that as well. Still have quite a bit to do this evening to get ready for the week ahead.

Did everyone have a good weekend? I was able to sneak online here and there a couple times since thursday but I wasn't able to read very much.

I'm exhausted from my trip. Late nights and early mornings. Yesterday we had some free time so we rented a car and drove to Muir woods in Sausolito to see the giant redwoods and sequais. It was INCREDIBLE. One of the most naturally beautiful places I have ever seen. So breathtaking. I took a bunch of photos, so if any of them do that place justice, I will try and post a couple. Has anyone ever been there?

The coolest thing I got to do while I was there, was see Alanis Morrisette play in a hotel mini-banquet room. There were about 35 people there, and she sat on a pillow, had 2 guys playing acoustic guitar, and just sang. No microphone or anything. Candles everywhere, it was so cool. I sat on the floor about 4 feet away from her. She did about 6 songs and sounded great. Met her afterwards and she is so incredibly nice. Got a photo with her and if it turns out I'll post it. That was the highlight of my trip.

Other than that it was just dinners, lunches, drinks and shmoozing. Very, very tiring. I'd have prefered to stay in my room and watch a movie

Missed you all and hope you had a lovely weekend.

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What a great weekend! Yesterday I went to a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game that we won in sudden death overtime. Today Canada took the gold from team USA 5-2! This is the 1st time team Canada has had hockey gold in 50 years! Both our mens & womens teams won - both games were fantastic. I'm going to sit back tonight & watch the closing ceremonies & hopeful Nena10 will be back with us soon as Salt Lake City gets back to normal. I hope everyone else had a good weekend.
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I haven't done much of anything all weekend. We went out to dinner last night with another couple, and that was a nice change of pace. At least I haven't been sitting here in the house ALL weekend.

Next weekend should be better ~ we're planning a ski trip for Saturday, and will probably end up staying over and skiing Sunday also. I need to get my skis waxed this week!

AP ~ I've been in the area of California you're talking about, and it IS gorgeous! I was pretty young though (14) and would love to see your pictures!

That's really neat about Alanis Morrisette also. I like a lot of her music.

Oh, yeah ~ congratulations to your team, ady! I was hoping the US would win, but a Silver medal is nothing to be ashamed of, either!
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Jin, where are you guys going skiing? I haven't been in about 10 years but I always enjoyed it. I'd love to go again someday soon.

Ady, That's so cool that Canada got the gold for hockey! I'm just as happy to see our neighbor from the north do well!
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AP, I think we're going to Vail. We're lucky in that we've got so many choices where we live ~ almost every major resort is within a 2 hour drive of us (some closer!). I prefer Vail because it's got SO much land. You just don't get bored skiing the same runs all the time on that mountain. However, we do have some friends that live right on the base of Keystone mountain, and sometimes we ski from their house (we're fortunate enough to have a standing invitation from them).

The only one I really don't like to go to at all is Aspen mountain. It might be the best known mountain for skiing in Colorado, but in my opinion, it's not all it's cracked up to be!

If you ever make it out this way, AP, I'd LOVE to go skiing with you!
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Yesterday was great, today is the pits. I'm sick, not sure what it is, but it's some type of upper respiratory thing that's settled in my right ear. Can't hear, and it feels like my ear drum is going to burst. Guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow.
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Take care of yourself now! I hope it clears up before you have to go to the doctor's.
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Jin, that sounds awesome! You leave in such an amazing place. If I ever get to the area, I'll give you a buzz!

Dawn, definitly see a doctor ASAP. I get bad ear infections and they are miserable! Hope you feel better soon.
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