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The Bridge Forum

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Why does it come up in such a bright blue? I have my profile set to Dreams of Creams and all the other pages come up in cream, but the crossing the bridge page is a bright light blue.
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It was chosen that way for a reason, to give a sense of calmness to the forum and it shows the same colors in all the different templates you can choose from.
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Nice feature. I noticed that too.
Another question on this section.

Is there a limit to the time a tribute will stay up there? I notice posts disappearing from there.
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You simply need to scroll down to the bottom and activate the portion that says View posts from- and then click on the beginning. Then hit the enter button and all the posts will be on your computer. The forums are interactive, meaning that when they are answered to, no matter how old the post is, that one post goes to the head of the pack. Posts with no responses after so many days, simply drop to the bottom, staying out of sight until needed.
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The default on the forums is that threads are viewable for a 30-day period. They're all still there if you change the settings at the bottom of the page.
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