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Originally Posted by keith p
Like I said it has its pro's and con's, I guess im in the middle I want neither cat nor bird to die. The article was very interesting though.
Then if you don't want birds to die....stop the destruction of the rain forest...for that matter....birds die at a greater rate by hitting into windows, so petition that all building windows be changed. The point is...let's stop blaming cats for something they aren't responsible for.

Below is except from Stray Cat Advocacy site:


Glass Windows. Bird Deaths a year: 100 to 900+ million - Dr. Daniel Klem of MuhlenbergCollege has done studies over a period of 20 years, looking at bird collisions with windows. His conclusion: glass kills more birds than any other human related factor.
Hunting. Bird Deaths a year: 100 + million - According to the U.S. Fish and Wildife Service, more than 100 million ducks, geese, swans, doves, shorebirds, rails, cranes, among others are harvested legally each year.
House Cats: 100 million - (though we take issue with the studies that provide this conclusion. Please see our article “Feral Cat Predation Examined,†by Christine O’Keefe, PhD, above).
Automobiles & Trucks. Bird Deaths a year: 50 to 100 Million - Scientists estimate the number of birds killed by cars and trucks on the nation's highways to be 50 to 100 million a year. Those statistics were cited in reports published by the National Institute for Urban Wildlife and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
Electric Transmission Lines. Bird Deaths a year:up to 174 million - Estimates made by the U.S. Fish and Wildife Service demonstrate millions of birds die each year as a result of colliding with transmission lines.
Agriculture (Pesticides). Bird Deaths a year: 67 million - Pesticides likely poison an estimated 67 million birds per year according to the Smithsonian Institution. Cutting hay may kill up to a million more birds a year.
CommunicationTowers. Bird Deaths a year: 4 to 10 million - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates that bird collisions with tall, lighted communications towers, and their guy wires result in 4 to 10 million bird deaths a year.
Oil and Gas Extraction. Bird Deaths a year: 1 to 2 million - The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reports that up to 2 million birds died landing in oil pits to bathe and drink in 1997. Fish and Wildlife says netting has improved that situation somewhat. There are no overall estimates for the number of birds affected by oil and gas spills, and oil and gas extractions (and transport.)
If you have trouble with the above link, please copy and paste this web address directly into your browser: http://www.currykerlinger.com/birds.htm

I am a huge advocate that domesticated cats be indoors or if they are to be indoors/outdoors that they either be taken outdoors on a leash or provided an outdoor enclosure. I believe we are making great strides in that area.

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Wow. There are some really good issues to discuss here. I guess I like cats the best, but I realize it's an entire ecosystem, and it's humans that cause most of the problems, and it's humans that probably need to solve those problems.

I also am aware that a large percentage of pet owners are irresponsible and shouldn't have kittens. On the other hand, I have heard of quite a few kitten mills, and those are apparently licensed breeders who shouldn't be.

I am very interested in doing the right things and making this world a better place for all the beautiful sweet loving creatures out there who have done nothing wrong and deserve a good life.
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On the other hand, I have heard of quite a few kitten mills, and those are apparently licensed breeders who shouldn't be.
That is why TCS only advocates those breeders who are responsible. Obviously a kitten mill would not fit that catagory.

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My daughter still has her cats. She is having them neutered, but she is still looking for them an indoor home. She can't stand the thought of them not ever getting petted and loved. I also wanted to mention the woman that takes the animals from the shelter to keep them from being put down also takes female cats. She takes in the ones that are left at the last minute. I misunderstood my daughter. She has them spayed and neutered before adopting them out. When I talked with her she said last week a woman brought a cat and her kittens and their eyes were not even open. She picked them up from the shelter. For now that is all I know on this.
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