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Run, Lola, Run

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Phenomenal movie!! Did you know that another one from that same director, also starring Franka Potente, recently came out on video? It's called the Princess and the Warrior.
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Just saw this movie last night. I don't think everyone would like it, but it is very imaginative and the film itself is supposed to be 20 minutes in a few people's lives. It's all about how small changes can lead to huge consequences. Oh, and lots of running by the main character :tounge2:

It is subtitled, so you have to like to read movies, unless you have it on DVD and can get the English version.
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Wow, I've never heard of that one...it sounds interesting, though.
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It was interesting, it was like 3 stories in one. Kind of bizarre, but entertaining, and not hard to follow like Memento, which I also loved!
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!!! i am dying to see, "run lola run" but it is *never* in at the video store i go to

there is a follow-up movie as well called "the princess & the warrior"

i want to rent them both at the same time ~
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