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I need your help !

I have a male cat, 13yr old who is spraying due to some foster kittens I have in the basement. I have read the thread on inappropriate peeing and I bought Feliway and am spraying eveywhere he has peed (although I just discovered that my daughters room in soaked in spray) . He is currently isolated in a room and is let out when he can be supervised.

My fosters are in the basement so I assume he can still smell them through the crack in the basement door. My question is: is there anything I can use to block/cover/mask the smell of the fosters in the basement so he "fogets" that there's anyone down there ? The feliway works OK upstairs but even after a fresh spritz of Feliwy, he still marked the door to the basement.

Maybe some kind of stuff I could spray on the door or a pot-pourri that I could hang from the doorknob ? I have some repellant that I just thought of, I'll try that... Any other ideas to cover the smell ?