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Cat Allergies-anything to help??

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This weekend, my mom, her best friend and my aunt are coming to stay with me at my apartment this weekend . My aunt is allergic to cats, so Harley is having a slumber party from Thurs-Sunday at our neighbors house!

Anyways-my question, is there anything that I can buy (Febreeze-ANYTHING) that will get rid of the cat dander/and such so my aunt doesnt have such a bad allergic reaction even tho Harley won't be there? She is bringing her allergy meds with her so it wont be so bad, but I want to try to make it as fresh/allergy free for her as I can!

Any suggestions would be oh so helpful!!
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Vacuum every single day until they get there, but avoid vacuuming on the day they're going to arrive. Use the vacuum's attachments on all of your furniture (couches, chairs, loveseats).

I have a good friend who is highly allergic to cats. I made sure to vacuum like crazy, and when we invited her to my husband's birthday party (at our apartment) she didn't seem to have any problems.
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AllerPet you can buy it online for through PetSmart
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I have the same problem when my Mom comes to visit. So I just vaccum everything I can and spray Frebreeze Allergy and hope for the best . You are so lucky, Harley can have a sleep over with friends. My girls have to stay in the apartment, I have no one I would trust them with close by. Mom brings her allergy meds so it's usually not too bad.
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Great! I'm going to vaccuum as MUCH as a I possibly can (without giving poor Harley a heart attack!)

Does the Febreeze stuff really work? I think I might try that, do you just spray it all over everything, like everyday while I'm vaccuuming and such?

I'm so happy that Harley gets to have a slumber party this weekend, we have great neighbors that just love to take him when we are out of town! He gets very spoiled when he's away from home!!
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it's funny but Ted Brogan doesn't give me allergies but my cat Brown does, but what I do to make things better is give her a bath and brush her, I bathe Ted too sometimes.

I'll go to hug her sometimes and I get all sneezy and red ichy eyes quickly.
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I agree. The vacumn is the best solution to your problem.
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I vaccum and febreeze everything for myself seveal times a week (I wear a mask, but I'm the one with allergies!). The advice to not vaccum on the day she comes is very good- you don't want the floating dander and hair particles to be everywhere!
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