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Request from my daughter

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My daughters 6th grade class has an assignment to collect answers from as many people as they can about any topic they choose. So she decided to do it on favorite actors/actresses. I'm sure the numbers are going to be used in some sort of chart/graph/whatever. Soooo, she asked me to put this on here as they are suppose to get over 90 answers. Anyway, your names will not be used only the numbers from the poll. Please participate...

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Mr Depp can usually be relied upon to make decent films
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I voted for Johnny Depp although I'm really more of a Captain Jack Sparrow and Pirates of the Caribbean fan rather than a Depp fan per se (POTC was actually the first thing I ever --- knowingly --- saw him in.) I was amazed when I found out, sort of retroactively, that JD played the Hunter S. Thompson character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (weeeeeeird movie. It was given to us, not something we would normally have chosen to watch.) Since then I've seen him in a couple of other films and am impressed by his sheer range of characterization. Also a couple of things I've read in interviews such as his hoping he did NOT win the Academy Award as then he'd have to go up there and accept the darn thing with a suitably soporific speech! He appears to have a complete lack of ego, which is refreshing.
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I loooooveeee Brad Pitt!!!
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George Clooney for me every time
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I voted for Johnny Depp. I just love him.

Actually, it's a really close call for me between Johnny Depp and Edward Norton (Such a great actor... plus I have a crush on him ... I just see his smile and I melt!! )
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Johnny Depp, because he's actually a good actor.

I love the roles he takes and the work he does with my other hero, Tim Burton! He's a very interesting guy,...not your typical Hollywood trash.
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mr depp hes got them eyes,plus he has a house about 3 miles from here never seen him though not through want of trying
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Of the choices, it has to be Dakota Fanning! I'll see any movie that adorable little girl is in!
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I'll most definitely readily admit that Johnny Depp is oh so easy on the eyes, but I chose him not because of his looks but because of his range of roles and acting ability. He usually choses such interesting roles, and really becomes the character in whichever movie he's in.

BTW, for the Pirates of the Carribean movie fans...I just saw the teaser poster for the next installment, called Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Man's Chest. The date on the poster is July 7.
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I will choose "other" and go for Roddy McDowall.
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Johnny Depp is an amazing actor; he has incredible range and he ain't hard to look at .

I will say, however, that Dakota Fanning is one to watch. That is a very talented young lady!
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I have to tell you..I completely believe that Johnny Depp is one of the best actors of our times...so he got my vote...

But gosh Orlando is pretty
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Johnny Depp!!!!
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Out of the listed choices, I had to go with Johnny Depp. But if I had picked other, I would have to say I am a big Vincent D'Onofrio fan....he has such a wide range of work and I love The Cell. Not to mention Full Metal Jacket.
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Ewan McGreggor I love Scottish men (shhhh don't tell my husband)
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Johnny Depp!!!

Edward Scissorhands, Ed Wood, Captain Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka, & Ichabod Crane!!!

He's VERY talented & I think he 'becomes' his roles. The other ppl mentioned are great too but I hafta love Johnny.
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I hope the teacher will help them develop a more exclusive and exhaustive poll - this one is much too short, or is this just a trial run. (This is a quick break and I am confused, lol) What is the outcome of the study? She should ask age too so she can measure something - what does a fav actor tell her from a sample that is not defined?

It's the academic in me - this sounds like fun but not well thought out, even if it is elementary school. I would think she needs a hypothesis, for example - different age groups and genders favour certain actrors, so ppl like me (female, aged 39-49) would cite Robert Redford and Tom Cruise and someone 19-29, etc. etc. Or she could choose to study the choice of generation. GenX, Baby Boomers, Google or Nexters, Veterans (parents of Baby Boomers) and then ask them who their fav actor is.
(Linda Duxbury of U of Ottawa has a great study of the generations re human resources but her findings can be used in other studies too.)

Without structure, she will get a result that is meaningless unless she wants to present it as a sample of respondents on a web site about cats - mostly women (from what I read, not a really scientific est., lol) - and mostly younger than 40.

Anyway - I clicked Tom Cruise but I would have selected Robert Redford.

Where are the actresses?

I just think one has to account for the fact that many ppl do not even know who many of the actors or sctrsses of today are while younger ppl (in their 20's) may not know stars of my generation - like Redford, Newman, Dustin Hoffman.

She also needs to say why this is important.

Anyway - don't mind me, I teach Residents and they have to have really worthwhile hypothesies to stidy or their proposals are not approved so it's an occupational hazard! I also do enrichment with kids your daugher's age and they do some great work too - one young woman did a study on probiotics in cancer patients that was published in a leading journal so I think even at that age, research has to mean something and be done well.
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I agree with most of what's been said so far. Johnny Depp really knows how to immerse himself in the character, and really always has. I've been watching him since gilbert grape and it's just been something he's always been good at.

That tends to be my problem with a great many of today's actors and actresses, they have no ability to really be the character, most especially Tom Cruise, who has no talent for making me beleive he actually is DOING any of those things he's selected to portray on screen. the poor man doesn't know how to emote, except if he's emoting "insane!"
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I chose other, because I'm a Mel Gibson fan, myself.
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I voted sandler, though i love jd's work, I think he should be getting too big a head from all the attention of late, and I never really routed for the front runner anyhow.
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I voted other - There are so many choices for my favourite but Sigourney Weaver gets my vote. Who I think is best is whole other other question...
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Based on looks I would have voted for johnny boy, But as it is I like to laugh so it had to be Adam Sandler
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Adam...love his comical cds. Just makes me laugh when im down!
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My favorite actress is Julia Roberts and my favorite actor is Robin Williams.

Hope this helps her!
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"You spin me right round baby, right round like a record baby"

Has to be Adam Sandler!
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ummm bump

This is helping her alot!

By the way... Kinda gives you an insight to the workings of an eleven year old mind ...
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I chose Johnny Depp..he's so versatile
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I hope she gets an "A", Ken!
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