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Did you believe in Father Christmas?

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When you were little, obviously (unless you still believe!)

How did you find out he wasn't real, and how old were you? I remember leaving a mince pie out one year, but my parents never played along with the whole thing too much so I never really believed. Shame, I think it would have been exciting!

If you have children, do you tell them about Santa?
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Oh, I still believe! My Mum said that if I don't, then I won't get a sack of presents! (I told her the same thing too! )

I can't actually really remember when I found out....I think it was my friend's older sister who mentioned it when we were five....but being imaginitive, I just let it go and think the same way as I do now!
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I remember when my mum sat down and told me he didn't exist. I cried and howled for ages. She also had to tell me that neither did the Easter Bunny or the tooth fairy
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You mean there isn't one?!

No seriously i did used to believe, and theres one thought i have in my head when i was small and that was when i couldn't sleep and kept jumping up at the window to see if i could see him

I found out that he didn't exist when i lay awake as usual one christmas eve and saw my dad through the opening in my bedroom door taking the presents downstairs
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I found out Santa wasn't real when I was four. Here Santa doesn't come from the chimney by night, but in the evening of 24th, so people with kids often hire a Santa to visit their home.

We used to live in Lapland and the hired Santa we had there was an ethnic Saami, who are sometimes quite Asian looking, this particular Santa very much so. When we moved to Southern Finland, Santa suddenly looked strikingly differend under his beard. At that precise moment I realised they were all actors.
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Ooooooh yes!! My Mum used to leave out a glass of milk and some fruitcake, and when I got up in the morning the milk and cake were gone, and the dishes washed and put away in the cupboard upside-down!

She also used to leave out a bowl of water for the reindeer, and when I woke up it was always dyed pink - from Rudolph's nose!!

I have such a cool Mum - she used to build these elaborate Easter Egg hunts for us as well, and always left us a wobbly hand-written pink note from the tooth fairy, with a rose petal and a 50c piece!

We still get a stocking - although these days she unceremoniously dumps it in our lap on Christmas morning when we all arrive back home....ahh the magic is gone...
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YES!! Me and my 2 younger brothers believed!

I don't remember when I stopped believing, but my 2 brothers (now 17 & 15) both are non-believers, but we still get gifts from Santa!! (My parents do too!!)

I love Christmas, I can't wait for that season to come around, it'll be here before we all know it!!
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I was 6 or 7 when I found out (lots of young kids in my family they make us believe!!!) I still get presents from Santa just in case my nephew or cousins want to know what Santa brought me.

I was the evil one who told my little sister when she was 4
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As my very wise father once said: "As long as he brings me presents, I will always believe in Santa!"

I figured it out when I realized that Santa's handwriting was the same as my mothers, and gee...he always used the same wrapping paper as Mom did too. And even when my sister and I found the entire present stash before Christmas and of course Santa's presents were there too, we never said anything. As we got older, we just became a bit of Santa ourselves bringing presents to our parents from Santa.

Of course, that all changed when my sister married, and her new husband didn't believe in telling his children about Santa. He said he wanted them to know that all the presents came from HIM. Seems rather selfish as a parent to me, but they aren't my kids. Hopefully with Dad marrying into another grandchild, the new family will believe in Santa and we can start doing it again.
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I had a suspicion for some reason (now that I think about it, my sister probably told me) and even though I didn't fully understand how Santa couldn't be real because I get presents from him(!) I went around looking for presents my parents had hidden around the house and I found some. I still didn't really believe that Santa wasn't real because I thought those presents were ones my brother had bought for us. Then I told my mom I found "Santa's" presents just to see what she would say (I was around 6) and I could tell by her reaction that it was true...Santa wasn't real.

There's still a part of me that believes in Christmas magic and that Santa is real and the reason he can get away with it is because part of the magic is that he can put thoughts into people's heads of buying the gifts, so they actually think they bought them, wrapped them, etcetera. Then I think about children who have parents that can't afford gifts and I think it's all a bunch of BS.
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Not that I'm going to have children, but if I did, I'd enter into the whole holiday spirit thing. They'd have pressies from Santa, and find a half finished glass of milk and crumbs from a mince pie in the morning.
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Originally Posted by LilleKat

My sisters and I believed in Santa until the ripe old age of 7. I thought that meant no extra gifts signed by him.
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I believed until I was about 8. My mom and dad decided to tell me about the Easter bunny one morning. I cried all day..then at bed time I put 2 and 2 together and realized that the jolly old man wasn't real either
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