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sorry, but I jsut wanna say goodbye.

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ok, I'm jsut really annoyed now because my aunt's cat died today and she doesnt even seem to care at all. I feel sorry for the poor thing because t got dragged into a horrable life by that man my aunt married and it never had it's shot's or a blood test. I also had to try and not snap at my aunt "I TOLD you so!" because when she moved in with my grandma when I first heard that her cat wouldn't go in the litter box when it was clean and everything and I told he to take it to the vet she didn't listen to me. but the nuber one thing that's gotten me soooo mad is because yesterday the cat had it's face LIEING in the water dish and she didn't even seem to care. I mean, HELLO! that's not really a good thing, is it? I'm sorry if this seem's kinda pointless, but I'm just so annoyed right now. I mean, what did that poor thing do to deserve a lfie like she had. and, also, i think my mom had a point when she said that cat should have been taken to a docter because it was like two years old and waaaay to small! I'm jsut so tickedoff at my aunt right now for not even careing, nor trying to see if it was ok when it had it's head in the water dish. I mean, that poor cat could have had feline leukemia and no one know it. No one even payed attenchon to it and my grandma always said that she'd like to kick it out of the house! I jsut feel so sorry for that poor cat. Ya know, my aunt shouldn't even HAVE animal's in the first place! I mean, when that man she married broght it home she should have taken it to a vet's or some place so they could find a good home for it. That cat didn't even do anything and it probubly got one of the worst live's an animal could have. sorry if this seem's sorta pointless, I'm jsut annoyed and needed to say somehting.

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Your anger is should have your mother speak with her to make sure your Aunt never has another pet again.
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Ohhhh you poor love! That is awful - made me feel a bit sick, actually, reading about her face lying in the water. Some people have no clue, and hopefully your aunt will not get any more animals in the future.

Lucky for you, she's family, so you can say what you want to her and still be related!!

Not pointless at all, it's hurtful and upsetting when mistreated animals die needlessly - or when any animal is mistreated or dies needlessly.

Big hugs to you, and I'm thankful that that poor kitty no longer has to suffer on this earth.
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It sure sounds like you have every right to be upset and angry with your aunt. Some people should never own a pet. And after reading your post your aunt is one of those people!
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sadly, she has a dog that she doesn't pay attenchon to either. if it wasn't for my grandoparunt's he'd probubly be dead to. and I wish my mom could talk to my aunt....but that wouldn't do anything exsept for her to be real mad again. she nee'd anger manage ment. badly. >> if she ever met Dr. Phil he'd need a tharapist. she's bad. And Gardenandcats, your right, she defanently IS one of those people. Soemtime's when I went to my grandparunt's I really jsut wanted to give that cta a hug. there planning to baryr it tomarrow and my grandparunt's asked if my dad could come and barry it. I'm going with him no matter what because even though it wasn't mine I just want to say good bye to the poor thing, because I hightly dount that anyone else will. and yet I don't want to go because I might end up shouting at my aunt. I've never really gotten along iwth her. My Aunt Christine was a betetr aunt then ehr and she's really my 2nd cousin or something. I swear, fi she get's another cat I'll go nuts.
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I know that a post I amde was moved here about my aunt's cat, but I just wanna say goodbye to it here. even though it wasn't mine, I still knew it and I feel sad for it. Ally, there cat, had never asked for the life it got and deserved better, but at least it is out of it's missery and now, hopefully, happy acrost the rainbow bridge. Rest In Peace, Abby.

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I'm sorry your aunt's cat wasn't properly taken care of.
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Thats so sad. People should treat their animals like they would a human being

RIP little one, play safely over the bridge
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I am sorry you had to see the cat suffer that way and I am sorry for the poor cat. Is there any way you can do something to help the little dog? Rest in peace little kitty. You are not forgotten.
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I`m so sorry that you lost your Abby. I`m mad that your aunt does`nt care any more than that too. I hope she never gets another animal...and if she does i hope someone turns her in for neglect!
Please stay with us on here and learn all you can about being a pet owner....cause i`m sure one day, when you are out on your own, you`ll want a cat of your own...and you`ll be a GREAT CAT OWNER with a heart as big as yours is.
Again, my heart is broken for the loss of this kitty...and that you have to be so sad right now.
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oh sweetheart, dont apologise for wanting to say goodbye - to post a tribute to her. I am so very very sorry to hear of the life that this sweet one had. Its very sad when people just dont seem to care... at least you know that you will always give your kitties the best possible care & love that they so deserve... Abby will no doubt be watching over you KCL as she knows how much you loved her and how much you will miss her...

you know where we are if you want to chat

RIP angel Abby - play happily sweetheart
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What a sad life Ally had! Poor little innocent, now she is over the bridge, where she will find the love she deserves! Rest in peace, Ally.
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I am so, so sorry for the loss. RIP Abby
And yes hon, you have every right to be upset with your aunt! Some people should never, ever know the joys of being owned by a cat!
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