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Lets hear it for TCS!!!

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Lets hear it for TCS!!! This is an awesome site for cats lovers and anyone who likes meeting new people!!! I have met so many nice people here. I am so glad I found this place! Thanks TCS!!!
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Yay TCS!!
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I second, third and fourth that!!
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It sure is!!
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TCS is great......
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Thank you TCS!
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Yup, my second home!
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Totally agree!!
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What do you mean second home? I don't have another one!!
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Theres no other site like it!
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Theres no other site like it!
Never a truer word said!! Fabulous!!
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TCS Rocks!!
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It's a great place with awesome people and gorgeous kitties!
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I absolutely love TCS and everyone here!!
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TCS has given me the encouragement and help to save the lives of my feral family, DaddyCat, MotherCat, Patches, Princess, Lyssa-Lyssa, Sicorro, Junior, and also to care for the strays, Tac, Mr. Grey.

TCS has also helped me with caring for my insiders, Princess Alexis, Diddo, Pete and KittenKiya.

I can not thank this site and these people enough. Bless you all.
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This is a great site! Friendly, imformative & fun. Rock on!
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I agree with everything everyone has said...Thanks TCS, thanks all.
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I really do enjoy this site. I`ve learned something new every single day and have met a lot of neat people and thier furbabies on here. Thanks to all of you at TCS!
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Woot!Woot! TCS!

Woot!Woot! TCS!

Woot!Woot! TCS!
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