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Pregnant Cat Problem PLEASE look at this and give me your opinion

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Just so you know I updated about this..its' a few entries down on this page.
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I have posted about this before but this is different. I'm almost 100% sure a stray cat I've been feeding is pregnant. I'm not sure when she's due but she's pretty big. I can't bring her inside because my roommate is allergic. And I don't know anyone who would take her. I emailed a person involved with a local group who tries to control the stray problem with spaying. She reccomended having Waverly (the stray) spayed before she has the kittens (killing the kittens) becuase 1)if they were born outside, they'd just lead to more stray cats, 2)if I could get them to a shelter they'd take up room from older cats who need to be adopted. I don't know what to do. As a vegan and an animal lover I can't stand the thought of doing that, but I also see why it might be neccacary. I'm extremely mad at being put in this position, because Waverly was thrown outside by her former owners (they knew she wasn't spayed) and pretty much abandoned by them. She was scared and skinny til I took to feeding her. Now this is happening because her previous owners were irresponsible. And I'm the one having to deal with it and make this desision. Anyway if anybody has any advice please give it to me. I love WAverly and hate the idea of spaying her before the kittens are born, but there are so many stray cats around here I don't want to add to the problem. Thanks.
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If you have exhausted all possible adoption possibilities, then in my opinion you ought to bring Waverly to a veterinary for sterilization (assuming they'll do the surgery with Waverly in her present condition).

However, what then happens to her? Waverly surely won't be immediately fit to fend for herself as an out-of-doors cat, having just undergone surgery. Just how "allergic" is your roommate?

You're doing right in seeking opinions, so keep at it! Ultimately, you'll have to decide what's best; but don't wait too long.

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Well if it only takes her a few days to recover I could keep her in my bedroom that long...I think I can seal the room up pretty tight if it's just for a few days. How long does it take a cat to recover from being spayed?
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I'm not going to venture an opinion on that one, as I've not the expertise to do so. Contact a veterinary and set forth the scenario you've laid out here, asking that question. Be sure you remind the veterinarian, should you decide upon surgery for Waverly, just what the post-operative environment will be for the patient. Let professionals present you with facts, so you can make an informed decision.

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I know that there are people who are allergic to cats but are still able to continue having them as pets. They get either prescription medication or shots to lessen their allergic reaction. Is it at all possible for your roommate to do this?
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My boyfriend is allergic and I just make sure I vaccuum frequently and wash bedding the cats sleep on a lot. I also bathe them every other week, and in between wipe them down with a special liquid you can find at a pet store to help reduce allergies. He doesn't have any symptoms at all.

Whatever you decide, don't give up on this poor kitty! Keep looking for other options, talk to local no-kill shelters, call PETA or other animal rights groups. Bless you for caring and keep us informed!
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There are lots of things your roomate can do to ease her symptoms. Also, you can keep the cat in your room w/ probably no ill effects for either. Give it a try.
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BV - welcome to the world of kitty loving. We all are left to clean up the messes of the rest of the world. I have been in your exact situation twice. A pregnant stray showed up at my doorstep about two years ago. I still have her and her three younguns. Only difference is the only roommate was my son and I was in a better financial situation than you are. About seven years ago, another little pregnant abandoned kitty came into my life, I found a home for her and kept her two little babies (they unfortunately went to the rainbow bridge four years later after an accidental death).

I have allergies and have always had cats, but I already had a deep rooted love for cats before I developed allergies. Without that love and committment already in place, I don't know how easy it would be to talk your roommate into taking the steps necessary to minimize his/her allergies. With me, most of the allergy medications are not effective, and most of the others have side effects. So, even with medications, vacuuming, etc, I still suffer to an extent.

I assume you have already discussed this with your roommate? Is he/she unwilling to make the sacrifice temporarily?

I wish I could tell you what to do. All of us who rescue but have limited funds or restricted living arrangements have faced this dillemma.
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Well my roommate loves cats but really cannot handle being around cats. She responds like she has a really bad cold. I've seen her after being around cats and it is really hard for her. If she could she would have Waverly come in, she really likes her. It's not temporary discomfort for her, she pretty much could hardly breath. HOWEVER, i got some samples of Allegra that she is going to take for a week or so and see if it helps. Allegra's actually for hay fever but the symptoms are exactly the same and I heard it could work. So maybe with that, and keeping the cat pretty much in my room, it might work. I'm hoping it will work out.

alicat613-What do you get to wipe down the cat with? I'd like to get that and try it out on her.

Cooie-Well it is nice to see that things worked out with the strays you found. And it is good of you to take them in, they're all so sweet and just want good homes.

Well thanks for the advice everyone, I will definatly let you know what happens. Maybe the combo of Allegra, and lots of wiping down will help things. I'm hoping she's a very sweet cat and I want things to work out.
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