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My cats love playing with the long diet coke boxes or just any box, really. I have bought them alot of toys and they only play with maybe half of them.
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my cat will sometimes knock over the trash can just to play with my dirty tissues or wads of paper. Eww!
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Originally Posted by CyberKitten
Both. YY likes Panic Mouse but she much prefers those ties one finds at the grocery store - for tying bags or bread. She will play and play with them. And really dig is she looses one under the fridge.

The Spynx Girls also like some pedestrain "toys". It seems in spite of a roomful of toys, they love paper - the better if I am writing on it, lol
i've heard that the twistie ties [the ones that are metal covered with paper] are bad for toys because they're easily ingested & can cause major intestinal problems, so i won't let mine play with them [altho they want to!] just FYI...
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my two girls like my hair elastics, and the youngest one likes the DOG's toys! she'll wrap her front legs around one and kick with her back legs. better it than my arm!

i've never let them get away with playing with paper just because they make too much of a mess with it and try to interfere when i'm working on something (flashbacks to college! ahh!).
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My cats are such weirdos. I bought some cheap fleece gloves and cut off the tips so I could write and type better in class with them while keeping my hands warm, and they're playing with the cut tips. They're pouncing on them/each other and running all around. Gotta love the ones who are easily entertained!
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Just tonight, my older cat, Bonnie, (she is about 8) was playing with the ring off a jar of planters dry roast nuts. She would bring it to me to throw for her to chase. The kittens on the otherhand play with anything and everything, be it my toes or glitter balls (thanks Emb).
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My Charlie (5 months) will play with ANYTHING. His favorites are the "plug" from the bathtub , Q-tips, any kind of balled up Kleenex or paper, and toilet paper rolls (with or without toilet paper attached).

He does like his store bought toys too... but I think he prefers whatever he can find on his own!
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