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cat afraid of the dark?

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I have a 3 year old tabby that for the last few weeks has started jumping at the light switch on the wall during the night. One night, she even managed to turn the light on! I have also caught her standing on the top of my sofa, and jumping up as high as she can against the wall as if there was a bug - but there isn't anything there. I have noticed that if I leave a light on, she will lay down and go to sleep. But if it is dark, she will wake me about every 1/2 to 1 hour all night jumping against the wall at the switch, or at other unseen things on the wall. Can cats become afraid of the dark? No other unusual behavior. She is an indoor only, spayed cat. Any thoughts?
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wow! im sure that she isn't afraid of the dark... i think that it may be her nocternal instincs coming out and she wants to play at night.. (my kitty is the same way...its tiring, i know! )

maybe you should get a flash light and turn the lights out. then move the flash light around and let her chase that (ie: up the wall a little, around the floor, on the couch..).. that way she is tired before you go to bed. im sure she would like that as well.
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One of our cats routinely pulled the chain of bedside light sconces on the wall to wake us in the a.m. to feed him... maybe yours is thinking the same way, but now is just having fun?
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Honestly, it sounds like kitty prefers and is more comfortable if the light is on. Have you tried a relatively bright nightlight? Try that out and see if kitty stops turning the light on. You've mentioned that she sleeps if the light is on (and seems more comforable in general), so I really don't think it's something she's doing to get food.

If she's more comfortable, why not try a less expensive (as in the electricity bill) way to accommodate it?

Just an idea...
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