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16,000 threatening emails?

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Just heard that Apollo Ohno has gotten so many threatening emails that they have had to turn the emails over to the FBI and take Ohno out of the Athletes village for his own safety! He now has a uniformed officer guarding him? What is wrong with people?
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What losers. He didn't even do anything.
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Where did you find this out? It's not on MSNBC or CNN, unless I missed it. What did the emails say? I'm a little late ...... I didn't even realize Apollo was disqualified tonight until I read it on MSNBC!
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And he was disqualified because he bumped another skater, gee think maybe death threats might sidetrack his mind right now? If you go here to this link and scroll down the left hand side of the page you will see the story there. Pretty sad.............:

(Apolo Ohno
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There's so much big money involved in world-class sport, politics inevitably appear. That 15,000 people would spontaneously and suddenly write like-minded threatening messages to Apollo Ohno is far fetched: Apart from spin doctors at the NBC Television Network, nobody ever heard of this guy until last week. Obviously, there is organization behind the message-writing; and just as obviously its base motivation is one of politics.

Jimmy Carter, a man for whom I voted and whom I still otherwise admire, started all this malarkey with that stupid boycott of the 1980 Olympic Games — destroying the dreams and efforts of hundreds of our nation's young athletes in the name of politics. Since then, the Games have been a political forum for every chest-thumping nationalist with a big mouth. It's just Korea's turn, that's all.


P.S.: Ohno wasn't disqualified. His opponent from Korea was disqualified. It's the Koreans who are upset.
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The Korean was disqualified in a race earlier in the week. Ohno was disqualified in the semi-final of a different event on Saturday.
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Thanks for letting me know! I've not been watching the Games as attentively as I ought, but this is amazing. It sure sounds like a tit-for-tat situation, but perhaps both decisions were correct. I don't know. What's your take on this?

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Disqualification or no disqualification - there should be no excuse for threatening e-mails. He is just an athlete doing what he is trained to do. He was not the person to disqualify the Korean - it was an official's decision. I am a huge sports fan for a variety of sports and while I am a fanatic for some sports (Lacrosse rules! ) I would never even think of threatening an opposing team member (that however doesn't stop me from muttering nasty things! ). People need to get a grip - it is just sports and not a life or death situation!
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I'm not sure about either disqualification, Mr. Cat, I'm just not familiar enough with the sport. Ohno definitely shoved another skater in his disqualification, but maybe that skater was leaning on him, or passing him illegally or crowding him... I don't have a good feel for what they are allowed to do, but I'm fairly sure they're not allowed to shove people. Maybe other people are just sneakier about it.

In the race that Ohno got silver, with the 4-man pile-up, it was really hard to say. Ohno seemed to be a bit shove-y in that race as well, but it was definitely the Korean skater that started the whole crash thing.

We've been watching the short-track pretty closely at our house (it being a sport where Canadians were favoured for and won lots of medals). The Canadian Broadcasting Co. didn't say word one about the emails and bodyguard, and they are usually good reporters of rumour, gossip and unsubstantiated reports.
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