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Ares update..

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Here are some pics i took of my beautiful boy today. hes feeling much better and his eye is clearing up from the icky cyst slowly but surely in the last two days since i have started useing my wash.WOW what a diffrence.

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Awww what a sweetheart.....I am glad hes feeling better...poor guy....

Yeah the eye does look better from what you discribed.....

Get Better Soon Ares
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What a pretty cat!!
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hehe thank you he is a sweety and drop dead pretty but i could be biased...thats lyla there on top of the kitty tree..ares kicked her off now, LOL but here she was relaxing..

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So glad Ares is doing better...
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I'm happy to hear he is feeling better!!
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Poor guy...I'm so glad he's feeling better
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Oh what a sweetie. I hope his eye clears up fast!
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Good to hear he is doing better!

Kisses for Ares!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone. he is such a little HAM! he LOOVEEESSS having his picture taken. he didnt when his eye was super icky though. Its healing I can see noticeable diffrences everyday. I am so PLEASED just goes to prove what a little fighter he is. He took his 50/50 and RAN with it. it appears he may have some scarring on it. but all in all its clearing up nicely.
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