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My 9 Year Old New Cat

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Hello to all you Cat lovers out there.
well A month ago I thought I was helping A friend give his Cats up.
Well I did but guess who fell in love with the femail.
Yup me ever time i went to feed them she greated me with
A mew and a rub agenst my legs.
So I gather that was a hi from her.
Well her we are A month later and I got the female.
Ya I never thought I was much for cats but she stole my heart.
Her back ground isen't very good at all.

She was left behind with her two brouthers,
The people who owen her and the brouthers split up through A bitter dervorce.

So the woman left all 3 cats in the house alone no water or food.
Or place to go potty so yuck is right.
In August we had that bad hurcane here.
The roof of the house caved and all three cats wer alone in the house The two brouthers are to skidich to even try to get neare and one of the mails have bad ear mights.
My Girl dose not have them thak goodnessst.
Kailey is the sweetst of the three and yesterday after losing two nights sleep i brought her home i put her in my grage bucuse i want her to get use to everone.
All day yesterday she hid and mewed today for the frist time she came out of hiddinng.
We petted her and talked to her and she was butting her head agenst our legs.
Well morle of story is i have two dogs small and one thinks cats are to
The outher just wants to see whats oning on and bark.
well after scoping the litter and addiing some dfreas i wanted to go and dump everthing but as I popened the door my dogs gave the merry chase one got a good swat.
Serves her right for messing with A cat.

Kaliey is use to dogs but my two have never been around cats.
I'm working that in slowly but now she is back to hiding agan.
I baught her some litter and dry food, NUTRO is what i got her.
Today she got some yummy treats and she liked them to.
She is eating becuse she hasen't gotten feed on a dayly bases.
So she is skinnet he tummy kinda sinks some and you can feel her ribs.
I am stopping here becuse this could really go on and on.
But I welcome any and all sugestons or advice you have on her.
I haven't had A cat in nearly 12 years so this all pritty new inded.
So questions and respnse is needed here .
Thank You all for taking A minet to read her story.
KAILEY Girl AND PEGGY the Questioning Mom.
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Actually, the best advice I can give you to start with is a good vet check up. Since I am sure she has not seen a vet in quite some time, it would be the first thing I would do.
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i plane to once she comes out of hidding and come when I call her.
She is an indoor cat so I want to take this one day at A time.
but a vet viset is A sure thing.
Oh do you know if a cat can have wroms not heart wroms but like inestal wroms.
jee there is so much i bet i will be asking a lot.
But a defent vet Viset Is Real Near future.
Thanks Peggy
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Yes, cats can get worms. When you go for your vet visit, I'm sure he will give her some shots and a deworming shot should be part of it. In the mean time, check her litter box, if she has worms, you might see some in her stool.
Good Luck with your new friend.
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