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New found terror

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had a hell of a summer storm friday - YES- summer - Thunder, lightning, hail, wind.... it was creepy, being FEBRUARY IN MASSACHUSETTS!!!!! :paranoid3
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I just posted a response on this thread and it's on top of the thread starter.... WHAT GIVES HERE?!?!? Or am I just a nit wit?:tounge2:
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Last night, our courageous German Shepherd dog hid in the shower all night! We had a bad thunderstorm move through and she was so terrified she hid in the shower. I ended up putting her blankets in there so she could sleep! She has never shown such terror before, so I think it is a residual of the windstorm we just had. The weather was so bad, we cancelled our plans for our anniversary trip this weekend. I do hope Kenai will not be cowed by bad weather from now on, it was an awesome storm though.
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Poor Kenai!!! It must have been really hard on you to see her acting so terrified, especially if storms had never bothered her before! :confused3:
Everyone at your house has been through enough, hopefully, things will start going more smoothly.
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Hissy, I do believe a segment of that storm found its way to our home in Portland! Suddenly, last night, the clouds disgorged a massive amount of rain and the wind went to maximum. Michaela and Tonya immediately decided the best place to be was under the bed.

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Snowball was traumatized by a really awesome thunderstorm a few years ago. Ever since then, he has gone into hiding at the first sign of even a gentle rain.
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