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A creepy history Lesson...where I live!

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Well I have been getting pictures and brochures for Emmysamsons sons school project...and let me tell you I have been having sooo much fun!!!!! Its amazing how much fun you can have showing off your city

Well I went out today and got some pics...and they came out great so i wanted to share them with you......

I figured its Halloween season, and being from the city of witches...i though would give you guys a creepy history lesson.....

This first Picture is of Essex street in down town Salem...this is the street to be on haloween.. On October 31st thousands of people dressed in bizzare costumes will stuff them selves doen this street....when you walk through it though it may be 20 degrees F outside its like 90 F on this street......

This picture is of a fountain called "The big fountain"...(yeah creative I know) ) Anyways the pattern in the fountain is the actual map of "modern Salem" which is placed on top of another patter that is a map of "Old Salem" which included Danvers, parts of Peabody and Marblehead.

I know this isnt a very good pic...but the sun wasnt helping us out....but this is Roger Conant he founded salem in 1626......Many tourists make the mistake of thinking poor Mr. Conant is a witch, this could be because of how he is dressed, or maybe because his statue stands in front of the "Witch Museum" make matters worse, this statue is located in the middle of a nasty many the clueless tourist has almost lost their life so that they could snap Conants picture

I'm adding more pics....they will be up in a minute....
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This is so educational, Bridget!
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This Next picture is of Nathaniel Hawthorne.....A famous resident of Salem. He was an author among other things....His works include "the House of Seven Gables" and "The Scarlett Letter"..... Nathaniel who was born in Salem was actually born with the last name "Hathorne". When he wa older he changed his name to Hawthorne...why is this you ask???...Well his great great great grandfather Judge Hathorne was the main judge in the Witch trials of 1692...which ultimatly ended 19 lives by hanging, one by being crushed by rocks, and countless others from starvation.....N. Hawthorne changes his name to show his dissaproval to his ancestors actions

This is the "House of Seven gables" gables are those points at the top of the house....This house belonged to Hawthrone's cousin, Hawthorne used this house at the setting for his book by the same name...The story is about a family and the maddness they suffer from.......Many believe the house is haunted, and has been featured on "Unsolved Mysteries"

More pics are coming.......
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Ohh, what fun!!

I went on a tour there once when I visited my sister - who lives in Acton, not too far away. What a kewl project - and an interesting place to live on Halloween! I once watched the House of Seven Gables (after reading the book for aschool, a looong time ago, lol) and it was so spooky!!!!
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This next pic is of the Infamous "Gallows Hill", though archeologists can't be sure, the common belief is that the "witches" after being hung were buried right about where the water tower stands......Also it is claimed that a minister by the name of George Burroughs, was hung here after being accused of being the "Devil" and bringing witchcraft to Salem....

This last one is of the creepy Howard Street burial the distance stands the Salem Jail which was closed in 1991 due to unhealthy conditions....two very interesting stories.....One is that according to Hawthorne Giles Corey (the man who was crushed with rocks and proclaimed "more weight" instead of giving a confession is said to walk this graveyard when salem is about to befall some tragedy).....there was said to be many sighting on him right before a great fire swept through the city destroying 400 buildings and leaving 3500 families homeless in 1914.......The other strange story is that George Corwin the Sheriff of this jail, back during the witch trials was supposidly cursed for being a part of this "Witchhunt"....He and everyother sheriff until the jail closed have either died or had to retire because of a "heart problem"

Hope you enjoyed the pics and the history lesson.......there is way more to salem besides the east india Trade, and the sailing prodogy Nathaniel Bowditch...but its Halloween....
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How do they explain the changes in temperature on the Essex Street just one day a year??
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Originally Posted by pjk5900
How do they explain the changes in temperature on the Essex Street just one day a year??

...sorry i should have explained that better......there is about a couple of thousand people packed into the street.....thats a lot of body can hadly breathe if you get stuck in the pack
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Thanx Steph and cyber I'm glad ou like the pics.....Salem is a strange place
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Wow!! What great pics!! Thanks soooo much for wanting to help my son with his school project! I'm glad you're having so much fun doing this.

By the way, anyone who is curious about this project that we are referring to, it's for a "Travel Log" for my son's 3rd grade class. What you would need to do is write about your area, such as temperatures (hot/cold, all 4 seasons?, etc.), terrain (mountainous/flat), that sort of thing. I also ask that you would include a postcard. You can also send other items, such as recipes that are more common to your area, travel brochures for places, etc. If you haven't signed up to help, please PM me if you're interested. I am asking that all mailings are to me by this February. So far, about 35 people have signed up to help! And Eddy has already recieved stuff from 3 people. He will be assembling this stuff into a scrapbook to share with his class.
Thanks again, Bridget! I'm glad you're having fun doing this!
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I would dearly love to visit Salem someday. Thanks for the photo tour!
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Originally Posted by valanhb
I would dearly love to visit Salem someday. Thanks for the photo tour!
You totally should get down here...ecspecially this time of year...there is soo much to do...and the folliage is georgeous

Originally Posted by emmysamson
Wow!! What great pics!! Thanks soooo much for wanting to help my son with his school project! I'm glad you're having so much fun doing this.
No problem...its fun and i figure i am getting great karma bonuses for this....I suggest everyone do this.....
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I figure I would add this last pic.....

It is off the Custom House, when ships came into port from their trading with the East Indies, they would have to check in here... Nathaniel Hawthrone worked here in the later part of his life.....His job title was surveyor...but he was paid quite well to just sit around.....His ghost has supposidly been spotted on the front steps. As a note the 13 steps represent the 13 original colonies.....
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Thanks Bridget, great photos!!
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How fun! I have always been fascinated by Salem (check names of my cats!) last year I purchased some Salem books on eBay, but have not gotten around to reading them. You've peaked my interest again - off to find the books.
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Wow, all these beautiful photos are making me miss New England and the Northeast. My sister lived in Boston for about four years and I went up to visit her often since I lived in Providence, RI which is only about an hour away by train. One weekend we went up to visit Salem, Marblehead, and a nearby beach -- everything was so interesting and beautiful.
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So neat!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories!!!
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It looks like a place out of a magazine..lovely pictures!
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Absolutely beautiful! And very interesting, thank you for sharing Bridget!
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I live in Massachusetts, and I have never been to Salem.
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Hey thanks for that, i actually still believed that salem would look old for some reason, i guess i just couldn't imagine it looking modern after watching the salem witch trials movie three times

it's like sometimes i still imagine london with horses and carriages plodding down pebbled streets, i know it doesn't look like that but when i think of it that's what i see

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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I live in Massachusetts, and I have never been to Salem. so need to go..... ...come this month...its a crazy mess in october......

Thanx everyone else...I am glad you like the pictures....I who had been in the Salem school system for like my whole precollege education, got fed Salem history for its good to finally be able to tell others about it...
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