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Brushing Teeth

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What is the best way to go about doing this? We bought cat toothpaste and brush and fingerbrush for Oscar. What is the best way to calm him and hold him so he won't claw us?
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I have never brushed my cat's teeth before, I can't imagine it would be pleasant to try. We usually just buy the cat treats with the plaque reducer and that has always worked wonderfully, why not just try those? If I had to make a guess about how to brush a cat's teeth I would say to sit him down and pet him, get him relaxed, then place one hand behind his head to hold him in place, it sounds like it would be hard to do and stressful on the cat. Is there any special reason you chose to brush his teeth instead of just giving him teeth cleaning treats?
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Or you could get his teeth cleaned at the vet he would have to be under anesthesia, but you wouldnt have to get it done for like 2-3 years after that then.
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Buddy is prone to gingivitis, so my vet told me I have to brush his teeth everyday to prevent recurrences, so going to the vet for cleanings is not an option. Before brushing, pet him, groom him, whatever is takes to relax him. The first couple of times will be difficult until he gets used to it. Hold his head with one hand, and let him taste the paste first, then start brushing, and as quick as possible to get it over and done with(this will get easier with practice). He will move and squirm and it can be difficult at first. If possible, have someone else hold him and also control his head, then your hands will be free to open his mouth. Just be carefull not to get your fingers in the way After about 4 or 5 times, Buddy now only trys to get away at first and then he lets me do it. If possible have a vet demonstrate to you the first time. Just be gentle with the brush so not to hurt him.
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Do you find that you can get to the back teeth ok? I always seem to get the brush stuck on Chester's "cheeks" and can't get to the back molars the way I should.
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Try starting with one of those rubber finger brushes. It slides over your finger. I tried to brush Prego's teeth, but he bites if your fingers go near his mouth.
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Good for you, Courtney, to want to brush your cat's teeth!!

That's really the best possible dental hygiene. The dental chews can't hold a candle to actual tooth brushing.

Two of my cats squirm too much and try to push my hands away when I'm brushing their teeth, so I just wrap them up tightly in a towel. It's something they've gotten used to, so it doesn't bother them.

Sylorna - the CET Cat toothbrush is the best brush for getting to a cat's back molars. Its unique shape makes it easy to get in between the teeth and the lips.
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