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Today while I was cleaning out the litter boxes, Abby came outside to watch me. I have my litter boxes in an outdoor closet with a pet door installed inside so the kitties can get to their "bathroom." Sometimes when I clean the boxes, Shelby will usually come outside and roll around on the ground while I'm emptying the boxes. But today, Abby actually got the nerve to venture outside for a few minutes. At first, she just sat on the step. Then as she got braver, she ventured into the flower bed and had a great time walking through the leaves, enjoying the sunshine. Now she has the bug BAD! She keeps sitting at the door meowing wanting to go outside some more.

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Robin!.......that´s a wonderful work of Abby! ..thank you for share!

Furthermore, I love your avatar! ...is so wonderful too! .....ABSOLUTELY goes with your beautiful name!
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Abby is such a pretty girl!
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She's so pretty. Those are great shots. Love the top one with the grass shadow - very neat effect!
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WOW Robin, those are the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen!!!
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Thanks everyone! The sun was setting, so the lighting was just right and Abby looked so pretty out there.
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Abby is such a beutiful kitty! She needs her own thread!
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Oh no, Robyn! Now you will have to watch her every time the door is open. She is so beautiful
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Abby is soooo beautiful!
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She is a pretty cat.
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Abby is beautiful!! Nice photos, Robin!
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Yes, beautiful subject and the photos are just AMAZING!!
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Beauty Queen!!
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