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Vibes for my mom

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Hey all... I was just hoping for some vibes. My mom is back in the hospital. Two years ago she had a heart attack and had a stent put in. The other day mom was rushed to the ER and they found her stent was 83% occluded. This was the second time she was occluded so they had to go in yesterday morning to replace the stent. I'd just appreciate some vibes. I haven't heard from her today and I'm worried.

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super get well vibes for your mom....I hope everything works out...

and for you
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Many get well vibes..and prayers.
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Prayers going out for you and your mother.
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oh no. I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I'll be sending lots of vibes and prayers your way!!
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I'm so sorry to hear that! Sending good hopes...
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Oh no! Your mum is in my thoughts
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Get well prayers for your mom!
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Beth, I hope you hear from your mom soon and that she's doing well.
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Good vibes coming your way - I hope your mum makes a full and fast recovery from this little "episode"
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LOTS of good vibes headed out to your Mom.
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Many good vibes and prayers going out to your mom!
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Oh Beth, I am so sorry . Definitely sending some strong prayers and vibes your mom's way...please keep us updated as you hear more, OK?
I know this is more difficult for you with your DH being deployed . Sending you some {{{{comfort vibes}}}} as well.
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Count with my best wishes and my prayers for you Mom Beth!

Keep us updated!
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Good vibes for you and yours.......
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