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What is Riley saying?

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When dogs wag their tails, it means they are happy. When cats wag their tails, they are happy, waiting, hungry, curious, about to pounce, playing, thinking, or watching. !!
It seems that cats wag their tail for so many different reasons - how can you tell what they are saying?
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You have to have 200 posts and at least 1 month as a member before we can reveal the answer to that question.

Kidding of course.....but if I knew the answer I'd tell you. If he's playing...it must be an excited/fun tail wag. My guess.
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Besides, if he is playing with the dog, and they good friends and he knows the dog well, it may very well be he is learning and using the dogs body-language!
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It also depends on what their ears are doing, what their body positioning is and what noises they are making!!!

You get used to what they are trying to tell you eventually!! Well, sometimes anyways!!
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Pixel waves her tail gently when i speak to her. i think she's just acknowledging me... but the other two are definitely not happy when the tails are going!
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Yes, Riley weaves his tail back and forth when we say his name, too! That is funny. He used to meow when we said his name, but now he only twitches his tail.
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Kai Bengals....you are a real riot! I`m still hooting!
Galt....you`ll figure it out. Different wags mean different things....just watch out for those "lashing" ones!
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Cats wag their tails for a few different reasons.

The big wag while playing is just an indicator that they're having fun and getting ready to pounce again.

If they have the big, wide wag while they're looking at something, they're thinking about what it is, what they can do with it, and they're most likely about to get into trouble. Lol...I call it the Imp Wag.

The short little erratic wags are usually excitement about something, while the end-of-the-tail taps while laying down are a sign of contentment and happiness.

Cat language is so funny, isn't it?
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