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Here we go again (long, sorry!)

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Well it should come as no surprise, but I'm already getting way too attached to my little foster kitty, Jessie. The same thing happened with Claire. I really shouldn't foster. It's just too hard. Anyway, I'm going to see it through and keep her long enough to get her socialized. But, I've also decided to make a list of the reasons why I ABSOLUTELY CAN'T keep her and put it in writing her to remind myself. I really need you guys to help me stay strong!

Here's why:
1) Financial - with one senior kitty and one with a possible heart condition I need to be sure I have the money to provide care for them. I know that I can care for three cats on my budget. Any more than that would be pushing it.

2) Gracie - she hasn't been happy with Peter's presence in the household and it's taken 9 months for her to come to terms with the fact that he's staying. She's made it pretty clear that she doesn't like other cats.

3) Jessie is progressing well with her socialization and promises to be a sweet, snuggly little cat. She's very adoptable. Keeping her would go against the policy I've set for myself to only take in hard to adopt cats from now on.
For example, Jessie's brother, Jimmy, from a previous litter. He's about a year old now and still needs A LOT of socialization. We can't even touch him yet. There's a strong possibility I may end up with him a year or so down the road.

4) My committment to Claire (Pete's sis) - I'm the backup in case the elderly priest who adopted her ever feels he's no longer able to care for her. Hopefully, they'll have many happy years together but, if not, I want to be able to provide a home for her.

5) Wanting to share the joy - My three cats have brought me a lot of happiness and I've seen how much joy the cats we've found homes for have brought their "people." I keep telling myself it would be selfish to keep Jessie, knowing there's someone out there that just might need a sweet, pretty little tuxedo kitty. Besides, I have already have Gracie and she's a handful.

Sorry this is so long. I really needed to get this all out.
Thanks for listening for the umpteenth time!
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I've seen little Jessie's picture and she is a doll. I can see where you are so attached to her. But then there are the other realities that you acknowledge. Maybe you can approach it like a parent where you know at some point, you will let go and be proud as she goes to another home and make those in her new home as happy as she has made you.

I truly admire those who foster kittens and cats so they can go to another home. I wish I could do something similar but my work schedule doesn't allow it.

Whatever you decide, I have faith it will be the best for your home and for Jessie.
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I totally understand how you feel. I get attached to all my fosters and have to come up with a list like you every time. We're here for you!
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I wish kittens were ugly and obnoxious instead of cute and funny!
Jessie is making it so hard not to fall in love with her. I was spending some time with her last night and fell asleep on the sofa in my spare bedroom. When I woke up she was curled up on the armrest right next to my head.
She's made so much progress in the short time I've been fostering her. She still get a little hissy when I first come into the room, but just melts as soon as she's touched and purrs soooo loud.
Please send good vibes that I can resist the cuteness!
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More fostering thoughts (sorry!) Part of my attachment to Jessie has to do with knowing what she went through before she was trapped and that has me feeling extremely protective of her. I want this little cat to know only safety and love for the rest of her life. Part of me feels like I'm the only one who can give this to her. How selfish and self-centered is that!? I hate feeling this way!
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No, it's not - well maybe only a little! I know where you are coming from - I felt just the same about Dushka and Persil, and now about the two boys, whom it seems more and more likely I will keep.
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