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It wasn't me

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Okay it's kinda humorous. My new kitten has had the worst gas. I look at the little thing ,Ello, and ask, How can a smell that bad come from such a little thing!? I know it's normal, so I switched her off the kitten chow that she was on. What a relief.
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Lucky it was resolved so easy! My 2 yo Wiggies is still a little stinky bum. And he's so cute, you can't help but pick him up for a squeeze. We think he's got a defensive skunk reflex.
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My kittens had BAD gas while eating Iams. I switched them to Nutro and they are stink free!
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My girls have never had that problem but Ruby can sure whiff up a room!!

Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and welcome to TCS!!!!!!!!

See you on the forums !!!
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Our kitten, LeiLei, does the same thing. Man, she definitely has a skunky thing going on.

But the odd thing is that my adult have never stinkied to the best of my knowledge.
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lol...when i found lucky she was about 350g but she was starving. she really lay into the wet food and the next thing you know you could smell it all over the house. She couldn't take a step without letting one fly....i'm glad she grew out of that phases once she got on a regular eating routinue!!
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Hee hee ... My cats also seem to possess a "skunk reflex." What makes it even more humourous, though, is that they only fart on or near their father, my boyfriend. I'm not sure what it is about his presence that compels them to do this, but it is freakin' hilarious! (For me, anyway. Less so for him. *giggle*)
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When I brought my little Terry Fox home he was a stinker too. I blamed it on the boyfriend for the first hour or so but then Terry was nice enough to let me know it was all him by sicking his bum right in the Boyfriends face. What a bugger

Poor bart not only got the blam but a nice blow to the face

Mel and Terry Fox
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Pepper had a bad case of gas once for a couple of days, when she was a kitten. And let me tell you I'm so glad it was only for a couple of days... She was soooo stinky... We had to feed her Purina Kitten Chow, cuz we couldn't get to the pet store to buy her usual food and my bf's sister picked this up for us to feed her in the mean time and boy it did NOT agree with her. Needless to say first thing the Monday morning I was at the pet store, NEVER again is did I feed her that stuff..
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Haha. The first couple times Luci got to snack on some liver, he was plagued with SUCH bad stink. It was hilarious. My roomie and I would be watching a video nice and peacefully, and the cat would walk over almost as if on purpose, and BLAM! Quiet atmosphere out the window, and gagging for everyone!

Good ta know your kit's good now, though.
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chloe is gassy too, but not as bad since shes gotten older. however, she does have occasional bouts with jet propulsion.
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