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Strange vet visit...

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Hi Everybody!!

This just occured to me when I was responding to another post; we had the WEIRDEST vet visit the first time we took Butters in.

First off, it wasn't our usual fabulous vet. It was some sort of weekend fill-in guy. He took a look at Butters, laughed and said something about how my baby must be "climbing up the curtains (which he doesn't)," checked in his ears, gave him the shot he needed, and sent us home!!! I mean, isn't he supposed to ascult his chest, do the whole abdomen feel-up thing, take a temp., etc etc?
After we had that whole tragedy with Peanut, I think every kitten deserves a THOROUGH check up on first vet's visit...doesn't matter if the cat had been seen by a rescue vet. This particular vet kind of made me mad, but of course after he had shoved us out the door.

It kind of amazes me that this gent would be so nonchalant about kitten care. Ok, so Butters is cute. Where's your stethoscope? I had him back to our regular vet yesterday, and thankully he is OK.

Has anyone got any opinions on this? I am wrong to be so picky?


ps - we are NOT going to have him declawed!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Congrats on not declawing!! Yay!!

I definately think the first vet should have been more thorough, at least taking temperature! Glad your regular vet is more thorough!
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I don't blame you for being concerned and believe that when it comes to caring for our pets we should be picky. It's perfectly reasonable to expect a thorough exam and the vet and it sounds like this weekend guy was just doing a rush job.

I had similiar experience with Peter last week. Our regular vet wasn't available, so her new partner in the practice checked his heart murmur and took an xray. Then I found out this vet just recently completed her veterinary studies. I don't doubt that she's qualified, but I'd feel much more comfortable with a second opinion from our regular vet.
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The main reason I take my cats in on a regular basis is so that they can be thoroughly checked so I don't blame you at all. There is so much that can be caught early by listening to the cats and and feeling them over.
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When my cats go for there yearly exam they get there temp taken, fecal sample, vaccinations,breathing/heartrate,eyes,ears,teeth,nails trimmed,weight, along with ear medication for ear mites if they are very bad.
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The first couple of vets I went to were like this too. It is hard to find a good vet now a days, just like everything else in life, people do things half way to make their lives easier. Once you find a good vet, dig your claws in good and don't let go!!!
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You have every right to expect a good examination from your vet..I would be peeved too.
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