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New Cat Introduction

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Hi. We brought a new kitten home from the shelter two days ago to be a playmate for a 3-year old stray we adopted last year. The kitten is 13-weeks old and we didn't follow the protocol for separating them. Needless to say, he (the older cat) is not happy. We do have a cage for the kitten and she sleeps in it at night. We do not allow her to use his dishes or toys, but she has romped around a bit and caused a stir. He growls and hisses - which he has NEVER done.

Is it too late to separate them and hope that they will work it out?
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I think it woul dbe a good idea to separate them and start over again. Please click here to read about how to do introductions the safe way.

Good luck!
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Time is what they need. but how much will depend on them
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Thank you! We will try... I would hate to have to send her back, as much as I would hate to have his personality altered as a result of being unhappy.
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Right, just keep the cats separated and follow the introduction procedures verbatim. You might also want to invest in a feliway diffuser and feliway spray. My cats were notorious for getting into smacking matches (they were kind of funny to watch LOL). Whenever I saw a particularly bad fight break out (with one of them -- usually Cassie) hissing or growling, I would spritz the area. I swear, no fights would break out in that area for a while .
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Wow. I am in the same situation. We just brought home a 6 week old kitten for our 14 month old cat and just introduced them right away. We are only in a 1 bedroom apartment, so there's just the bedroom and the rest of the place which means one has to stay cooped up in the bedroom. I tried just putting up a large piece of cardboard to separate the place in half, but the kitten got over to the other side (go figure - not the cat, the kitten). She still growls and hisses, so I don't let them stay in the same room very long together. I just ordered a Feliway plug-in so hopefully that will help. I'm sure there's still hope for us as long as we show them both a lot of love !
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