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Need FIV advice

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We just put down our 15 year old male (formerly feral) cat, Bad Boy Kitty (BBK). He came down with a liver infection a week or two ago and wasn't responding to meds. Because of his background (living in a feral cat colony) the vet tested him and, sure enough, BBK had FIV. It was sad, but he had a good life particularly after he adopted us eight years ago, so I can't be too unhappy for him.

My question now is about my other three cats. All three have tested negative so far. Spooky, the oldest at 11, is not related to BBK and we have had her since her birth. She abhorred Bad Boy and rarely went near him, but they did share bowls and litter boxes. Sevyn (4 yrs old)is from the same feral colony and is most likely BBK's grand-daughter. She was friendlier to him and also shared bowls and litter boxes. My main concern is Shamus, the baby at 10 months. He was adopted from the humane society last summer and quickly became a constant pal of Bad Boy's. They slept together constantly and groomed each other, in addition to sharing bowls and boxes. They also tusseled and play-fought, but I don't think skin was ever broken. Again all three tested negative for FIV this week, but I know it is not over yet.

So, who has experience with FIV? When should I get my remaing three tested again? How often should I continue to test? When are we out of the woods, so to speak? Can I adopt other cats if my three remain FIV negative. Are there any good websites you can direct me to?

Thanks so much for all your help!
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I don't know of any sites devoted to just FIV. Yes, it's a serious disease, but there's still lots unknown about it. Some cats live well into their teens with it. I also know alot of people who have both FIV and non living in the same house. The transmission is usually by blood, saliva etc. Highest transmission rate is mating and fighting. If they have lived together that long, they are all probably negative. I have been told different things about testing. Some say every 6 months up to 2 years and I have also heard just once a year.
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