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Smell problem

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I bit the bullet and bought a Litter Robot. Love it, however the smell is atrocious. (and it's in my husband's office...no where else to put it). I have two kittens, each about 5 months old and I am feeding purina kitten chow. I used to give them the chow mixed with canned but cut out the canned, thinking that was the problem. I have been told to get Science Diet dry. I clean the poop out everyday and put fresh litter in every week. I am using some litter (Member's mark) we got from Sam's but have Arm and Hammer ready to go. Have tried deodorants to no avail. Please help! Susie
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To help with the smell, and your kittens health you need to feed a better dry kitten food. As far as grocery store brands, I would use Purina One or Iams. If you can, get Nutro or another premium brand. I have kittens right now that I am transitioning off of kitten chow and onto nutro kitten. I have learned on this board that Science Diet is not that great of a food. I guess wet food isn't too good for smell, but it is good for the kittens. I would also avoid fish flavors as they smell bad on the other end too. I don't know what a litter robot is, to cover up smell using a clumping litter Arm & Hammer and Fresh step are pretty good. You can also dump more baking soda on top. Don't forget to scoop frequently, and have one box per cat plus one.
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We were on Purina one and the smell was OK - we recently switched to Nutro - and now that you mention it - the smell is better!
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