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Way FREAKED out!!!

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Ok the vet says Stormy has Roundworms, so Ive been researching information on them. I have to say what Ive found is freaky and kinda scary.
Humans can get roundworms from their pets
That is very scary to me because I have five children with the youngest being 2. What are the chances of my kids getting this from our kitty or already having it?? I clean the litterbox after EVERY poop and they dont go near it, but do I have to worry about it being transfered any other way??
Should I clean the litterbox more often.....I totally cleaned it out after 3 weeks and washed it and put new litter in. Its not bad or anything and I do clear out the poop as soon as Im aware its there.
My husband and I are leaving for the weekend and my motherinlaw is coming to watch the kids and I was going to have my 9 year old do the litter box but now Im concerned. Should I be??
Thanks so much!!
Oh and how long do I need to worry about her having worms?? It sounds like it can take a very long time for the cycle to go through and the meds they give dont work on eggs?? So they are giving her the first dose today and then I have to in two weeks give her another........is she going to need a deworming for the next year? If so how often??
I go to pick her up in about an hour and I will be asking there as well.
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might want to check out this site

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As long as your kids aren't eating kitty litter, they'll be just fine. Basic supervision should be enough.

While your kids are so small, you might want to consider moving the litterbox to a low-traffic room in the house and installing a cat door. This way the cat can have free access to the room but it will be a little tougher for a toddler to get in there.

Even in the unlikely event that your child did get roundworms, it is completely treatable. They're gross but really nothing to panic about.

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of a child getting roundworms from the family cat, and I know a lot of people who have both cats and kids. I think you needn't worry much.
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Thanks!!! We picked up Stormy and they pretty much said the same thing. I was surprised at how chipper she was. She is very happy to be home though.
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