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Read some more info re: cc, the cloned kitten. Initial cost, to have your cat cloned: $200,000, may drop to $20,000, later. I have loved all of my cats but, that is an awfully steep price to pay, with no guarantees of success. cc is the only one, out of 87 embryos, to survive. I think I'll stick to the $65.00, that the Tucson Humane Society charges. At least, THAT includes shots and alterations! It seems that this money would be better spent, researching human or, animal diseases. According to this weeks People Magazine, more than 500 people have preserved their pets' DNA, in the hopes of reproducing them. Some people have more dollars, than sense!
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I heard that the people who have preserved their pet's DNA are waiting for the technology to be perfected before they try to clone their pet. Maybe these people don't really understand cloning and they actually think their deceased pet will be with them once again.
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I just don't think that cloning your pet is right. I mean, once they are gone, they're gone and you should just accept that and move on and get another pet if you still want one. I certainly wouldn't pay $200,000 just to clone my dead kitty.
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