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My sweet Tinkerbell

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Link to past thread:

I called the vet this morning and she told me that Tinkerbell got worse during the night. When she got to work this morning Tinkerbell had passed away. It is amazing how a little fur baby can get into your heart so quickly. We only had her for three days. I do take some comfort in knowing that I rescued her from a high kill animal shelter. She was well taken care of and loved while she was with us.
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I'm so sorry to hear about Tinkerbell. I know how hard these things are, even if you only had her for three days. Rest in peace little Tinkerbell.
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Oh my goodness!, i just read your thread at work this afternoon about Tinkerbell as well!.

I'm so very sorry She may have only been with you for 3 days, but you would have bonded with her in that time

RIP Tinkerbell sweetie Know that you were loved in your short time andb play happily over the bridge with the other kitties
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Rest in peace, little Tinkerbell. You were such a beautiful little kitten. I am glad that for a few days, you knew the love of a family and child. Now you truly are like a fairy, flying over the rainbow bridge.

I took the liberty of copying links to her pictures from the other thread.

Condolences to you and your daughter (children?). I know they are taking this loss hard. Please be sure to reassure them that you and the vet did everything possible for her. Let them know that although she did not survive, having someone to cuddle up next to made her life worthwhile. Rather than a forgotten kitty, unknown and unloved, she is forever in your hearts. Hugs to you all!
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I am so sorry to hear about your loss!
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Thank you for rescuing this sweet little girl. I am sorry she didn't make it. RIP, Tinkerbell.
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Very sorry to hear about little Tinkerbell. I'm sure the 3 days you shared with her were filled with love.

RIP Tinkerbell
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Aw she was such a doll. At least she saw love for those three days.

RIP Tinkerbell
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RIP little Tinkerbell - you were such a cutie pie!
At least you last days were filled with love.

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Im very sorry about your loss sending prayers your way i hope in time your heart will heal
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Tinkerbell was a pretty little kitty. I am sure she knew she was loved. Rest in peace little one. You are remembered and missed.
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so young....

thankyou for showing this little one love in her last days here with us - thankfully she didnt have to leave us while at the shelter - she died knowing how loved she was.

thankyou for that and she will no doubt be waiting at the bridge for you when you can one day meet again

RIP sweetheart - you sure are adorable - you are in no pain anymore - chase those butterflies
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so sorry to hear about Tinkerbell - wasn't she a beauty! here's for y'all to help you recover you made her last days a joy!
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You filled her last days with love and care.

I can't believe how much she looks like my Diddo. I'll bet the two of them are on that Rainbow Bridge, sticking their tongues out at the dogs, chasing butterflies together and wondering how the heck to catch those darn hummers.

I know your heart is broken, but she is safe and sound now, you have done all you could.

Remember her with love.
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What a blessing to be able to share your love with this beautiful kitty, even if it was only for 3 days...

RIP sweet angel
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Oh how sad to lose such a beautiful baby. I really am sorry!
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Darn!!! Now I'm going to cry. Looking at the photos of that darling little thing--it's so unfair she never had a chance at life! But I am SO glad you took her home and gave her a family and love and someone to snuggle with. Thank God the little thing did not have to die in that awful shelter, alone and unloved. At least to such a young kitten, three days is like a lifetime--God bless you for taking her home and loving her. At least little Tinkerbelle died in peace, knowing she was loved and wanted. Thank you for being this sweet baby's real-life angel and mommy. How adorable she is in the photos--I bet she's even prettier (if that's possible!) with her brand-new wings and golden halo, chasing the butterflies with all her new friends! RIP sweet baby girl--we will all remember you now
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Thank you all so much for your kind thoughts and words. I have tears in my eyes just reading them.

My little girl took the news as well as can be expected. She knows that Tinkerbell is now in heaven with our other cat TJ (who I had to put to sleep last year because of Feline AIDS).

We will be getting another kitten this weekend. There is a local organization that rescues animals from high kill shelters. The cats have all tested negative for Feline Leukemia and have had their first round of shots. We look forward to sharing our home and love with a new kitten.

Our sweet Tinkerbell will never be forgotten. I miss her so much.
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I know how you feel. I just went through the same thing with my Moogle. I only had him for 9 days, but I was very attached in that short span. He took a piece of my heart with him. I'm glad to hear that you are opening your home and hearts to another kitty. I plan to do the same in a few weeks.
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Originally Posted by gwynn
Our sweet Tinkerbell will never be forgotten. I miss her so much.
I have no doub that this weekend Tinkerbell will help guide your little girl to a kitten that needs her love
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I'm sure my little Pixie was there to meet her. She looks so much like my Pixie did. I hope you can find peace in knowing she is in a fantastic new place with lots of love and playing with the other kitty children.
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***hugs*** I am sorry for your loss.
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