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last night, just when i thought that kitten season was long gone, i walked up to my house, admiring the full, bright moon, when a dark, tiny ball which seemed to be moving on a cinderblock caught my eye. i looked at it for a bit, and very soon it started to unwind a bit. i was not sure what it was at all, and did not want to fall for a well-played trick from a creature i could barely see, so i kept watching to make sure. it was not until it stuck out a tiny white-toed paw the sixe of my thumb that i realized it was a kitten. it was very weak, and obviously cold, but purred the second i picked it up. it was frighteningly bony, and barely the size of my paw. i could feel many of its bones, and its belly was lumpy. i rushed it into the spare room and put it in the pet carrier with food, water, and a tiny litterbox . it is a tiny longhaired tuxedo kitten, no more than 3 or 4 weeks old. it's eyes, though they will obviously be big yellow ones, still have the blue tint to them. i think i missed hand-feeding by a small window. i think it is a male (i cheched after i fed him, and he had enough energy to wiggle then ). my main concern right now is his tummy. it is big and lumpy, and it is obviously not from food. at his young age, is there anyway to alleviate his obvious worm problem? in my research, it said 8 weeks minimal on worming and shots on about every site i went to.