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Question for those who foster

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I'm wondering if those of you who foster kittens/cats on a regular basis allow them to have contact with your resident cats. I'm currently fostering a 3-4 month old kitten, while also working to socialize her. She's set up with everything she needs in my spare bedroom and was checked by a vet and tested before I brought her home. I really don't want my two older cats to have contact with her because they really don't like other cats. My youngest, Peter, however, seems very curious about the kitten. He managed to get in the room yesterday and actually spent a few minutes there before I realized it. I then let them stayed together while I watched them. The kitten, who's feral, but already somewhat socialized, actually seemed more relaxed with Peter around, and he was being very gentle with her.

Any thoughts on whether this is a good or bad idea? Thanks!
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I'm always torn on this. When I was first fostering I was told never to let them interact. But that was when I fostered for a shelter and they usually went back in several weeks. Even then I couldn't help myself though, I felt bad leaving them in a room all day.

The girls don't like my fosters, at all, but my fosters get to run around a little and learn more about people, so if their health checks out and they don't have any signs of sickness, I let them interact. I don't see what the problem would be except you do want to make sure your kitties don't get too stressed out (or maybe even lonely when the kitten is gone?). For my girls sake I don't let them out ALL the time.

Maybe I'm posting too early in the morning, this seems really disjointed. Hope it helps!
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I keep my fosters seperated for about 2 weeks usually, have then vetted, and tested then I allow them out with everyone else. I just like to make sure they aren't getting sick, they are eating, drinking and going to the bathroom first. The majority of my cats don't mind new cats constantly coming and going.
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Have been fostering for awhile now and I do let my foster-babies interact with all my resident cats...total of 7.

I have a spare bedroom where I start with the foster(s) in a cage...don't let the word "cage" bother you...the cage is 5 ft. by 4ft. has food/water, a small box with towels to sleep in, litter pan and a bunch of toys thrown in. My resident cats all have access to this room...they see & smell one & other through the cage at first. If the foster-baby is healthy...clean eyes...eating...etc. I open a small area of the cage for the foster-baby to come-out but my crew can't get in. This way when the foster has had enough, it can go back into the cage when he/she wants to.

After a week or so of this sort-of interaction, if everyone is happy...I take a side off the cage and let all interact. Knock-wood...never had a problem. Eventually, the entire cage is dismantled & hopefully by then we have found a permanent home for the foster.
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