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cat in heat for a month

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hi, i dont know what is going on with my cat, for last 4 weeks she walks around hose screaming! first it was really bad but i didn mind coz it is normally like this for a week and then all symptoms go off and she gets back to normal, this time its is going on for a while! and she started to pee in the certain locations in the house! what could that be? i'm pretty sure she is peeing becuase of her current conditions. please guys let me know what do you think and why is it taking so long?
Thank You, V
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First of all has she been checked over by your vet?!, and are you booking her in to be spayed?!
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well she needs to stop being in heat?
should i bring her to the vet?
what could be cousing the behaviour?
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If she's started urinating in the house i would still get her checked over
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its not she pees a lot, it looks like she marks certain spots in one particular room, if i lock her out of that room, she pees in the proper location
what could be the cause?
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Get. Her. Spayed.
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Have u disinfected the area properly? If the cats can still smell the scent....then they will carry on weeing there......This happened to me and i had to replace the carpet. They dont wee there now anyway.
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Have you cleaned it up properly because that might be why she keeps going back if she can smell it still?!.

But i would still take her to see a vet because no one here can make a diagnosis via the computer.
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do you think it might be medical condition that cuases prolonged heat period?
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She is in heat and some cats will stay that way until they are bred. I can only repeat what the others have already advised you to do and that is get her spayed ASAP. The urination is to let any male cats who might be lurking around know she is in estrus and willing. Once you have her spayed this behavior should stop.

If you need assistance having her spayed, there are several low or no cost clinics in New York. I have provided a link - perhaps one of them is in your area and can help you.

Best of luck and don't forget to come back and let us know how it went,

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Again your vet will advise you on this, but the sooner you take her in the better, if only for her sake
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Originally Posted by vmf
do you think it might be medical condition that cuases prolonged heat period?
As the others have stated, she needs to be spayed. Below is a list of low cost clinics:

You can ask the question above to the vet.

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Originally Posted by vmf
do you think it might be medical condition that cuases prolonged heat period?
Yes, it's called being entire! If you are not breeding showcats she needs to be spayed for her health.
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i'm not concerned with the cost, im conerned if its safe to spay her while she is in heat.
i was told before that in ordet to minimize the risk of cancer one should wait 2 weeks after the heat period.
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" While most vets prefer to perform the surgery in cats not currently in heat, most surgeons will still spay a female kitten or cat when in heat. There is often a small additional charge for this, as there is more time and attention needed during the surgery due to the increased blood supply to the uterus during a heat cycle. But, spaying a kitten or cat in heat is far better than waiting and perhaps having other serious consequences to the feline occur, such as unwanted pregnancy, disease or illness contracted from other cats she may be seeking to mate with. "
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thank you for your reply, but will this increase her chanses of gettin cancer later on?
thats what i heard from one of the vets b4
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While I have never heard that spaying while in estrus can increase the chances of cancer in cats, I do know that waiting increases chances of pyometra, mammary cancer, unwanted pregnancy/complications, and a host of other things just as life-threatening/undesirable.

The best resource for an answer to your question is your vet - call them to schedule the appointment and ask. And when you get an answer, it would be interesting to know what they said, so come back and post it, please.

Best of luck,

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Spaying a cat who is in heat is only minimally more risky than spaying a cat who is not in heat. Overall, the procedure is extremely safe.

Prolonged heat dramatically increases the risk of pyometra, which is a horrible infection of the uterus. This is a condition that can easily be fatal.

She needs to be spayed immediately, within the next week at most. Since you live in a major city, you should have no problem finding a vet who is willing to do the procedure. If one says no, simply move down the list in the Yellow Pages and call the next vet listed.
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