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I miss Dori!

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Well, I am here in Buckhead (Atlanta) on my "vacation". My fiance is taking a class from 9-5 and I took the week off work to join him so I could get caught up on studying and stuff for my A&P I class. I am a bit behind and thought it would be nice to get out of town. It is nice, but it is kind of lonely while my fiance is away at class. I am not a big shopper and it looks like that's all there is to do around here. Plus, everything in this area is really expensive. I went for a walk this morning around just checking it out but ended up coming back here. I WAS looking for Starbucks which the guy at the desk said is around the corner but I couldn't find it so I settled for Joe Muggs.
Anyway, I just called to check in with my mom who is going by to see Dori twice a day. She went this morning all ready and said Dori ran out to greet her and wanted to cuddle right away. Those are MY cuddles! I miss my girl sooooo much. I hope she doesn't think I deserted her. I won't be home until Saturday. I got her a Feliway plug in so I am hoping that helps her with any stress from me not being there. I am worried about her, I know my mom said she was fine, but I still worry.
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I know that Dori misses you too.
Saturday will be a glorious day for you both, full of purrs, head butts, cuddles & kitty kisses.
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Awwww Tanya, i think weve all been there at some point as well

You'll be cuddling your little girl before you know it
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I know exactly how you feel. This is the hardest part about going out of town for me -- I miss my cats! I was in Ft. Lauderdale for my nephew's baptism last weekend and even though it was great to see my family members and the little ones, I missed MY little ones!
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When I visited my sister in Colorado, it was very lonely to have no animals! (Her kitty passed away this spring .) While I was there, I did visit at my cousin's house, which was nice, since she has 2 dogs and 2 cats!

You will see Dori soon, so enjoy your vacation!
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I'm sorry Tanya. Dori will still have plenty of lovins for Mama when she gets back That area of Atlanta is really nice, isn't it?
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I spent several days , 3 different times in June , (most of the month with just a few days back between trips) staying with and helping my Mom after her surgery. My Hubby and Son took care of the "boys" while I was gone....I missed all of my guys...but those little ones are hard to leave. There`s no way to explain it to them..and they just wonder where you`ve gone.....but your time will soon be here and you`ll be home with Dori again.....and thankfully she can`t count days ...and cats do sleep a lot of the time...so mabe it won`t seem as long to her. In any case, she will be glad to see you and the reunion will be "SWEET"!
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Ooh, while you're in the ATL you and your fiance have to eat at Dante's Down the Hatch. It's a great fondu place.
Yes, Buckhead is expensive, but window-shopping and celeb spotting can be fun, right? At least buy miss Dori a gift .
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That's what makes it tough! The fact that you can't sit them down and explain to them when you will be back. That's why I feel so bad. I have spoken to my mom a few times and Dori is still doing fine. She is eating, drinking and using the restroom normally. Another small thing she did helped me realize she is ok also... My mom is also feeding the fish for us. Sometimes in the mornings when I feed them Dori will come barreling down the hallway to jump in the drawer of the fish tank so she can see them when she eats. (The drawer is only open when I get the food out, other than that I keep it closed). Well, she did that with my mom this morning so I think she is feeling ok as well.

I have been keeping pretty busy. Yesterday I walked over to the Lennox Square Mall, what a mall!!! I am so proud I only spent $16. Amy, I did get Dori a gift as you suggested. They had a pet store there and they sold Beastie Band collars. I got Dori a bright pink one that says "Princess Kitty". Last night we drove into downtown Atlanta and ate at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was my very first time eating in one of them so my fiance also bought me a Hard Rock Tshirt and shot glass

OOOO and Amy... While I was out walking around today I came across a Tuesday Morning and what did I come across but one of the Whimsiclay Kitties! I got the Ivey one. I love it
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I know how you feel being gone from your kitty!!! When I was in Vegas last week and called home the first thing I asked was how was Bakker doing!!! (I knew the other 3 would be ok) Then I asked DH was he was doing!!! I couldn't find any cat stuff to buy for them though...
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Hehe, the Whimsiclay/Tuesday Morning craze is sweeping TCS .
If you want to do some good shopping that isn't terribly overpriced, check out Gwinett Place Mall and 5 Points (lots of neat stuff in 5 Points).
I'm glad Dori is going good! I'm sure she's fine but that moment she sees you again will be so wonderful for both of you !
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