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please--can anyone spare a few prayers for sick kitty and his worried mama?

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I have a friend who is "mom" to several cats--she adores them all. One of her cats is named Scotty, and he has had some bad health problems recently. The extensive treatment for his first "health crisis" seemed to go well and she brought him home a few weeks ago and he seemed to be doing well. Then late last week she noticed that he seemed to be feeling very ill--couldn't eat, couldn't sleep even tho he tried, and finally was unable to defecate over several days even tho he tried. She also noticed--one of the first signs all was not well--that Scotty had had a nosebleed, which was unusual. She took him to the vet who said he was severely anemic and one nosebleed would not cause that--he must have internal bleeding. They also gave him an enema which was very tarry, showing presence of blood high up in the digestive tract. This seems to be the cause of the anemia. They gave Scotty a blood transfusion and kept him over the weekend treating him. They also found some concerning calcifications in his chest area, and some infections on his toes. So they started him on something for nausea, something for the ulcers which are apparently the cause of the internal bleeding (due to his original illness he had to take very small doses of aspirin under his vet's supervision), AND an antibiotic since he's showing signs of infection. She's a calm person but I know she's very concerned and worried about Scotty, she's a devoted cat mom and she loves him very very much. So I think my friend (Marsha) and her baby Scotty need all the good wishes, happy thoughts, sympathy, positive karma, and PRAYERS that we can send their way. Will you good people please join me in keeping my friend and her sweet boy Scotty in your thoughts and prayers? Marsha's a wonderful, loving person and she loves her Scotty so much, and of course NONE of us likes to see little kitties not feeling well. So all and any good thoughts and prayers on behalf of Marsha and her baby Scotty would be very much appreciated!!! Thanks, everybody--I know you'll come thru for Scotty--he's such a brave little fighter!
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Scotty and his mom are in my prayers! Keep us posted.
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Prayers to Marsha and Scotty. I hope things will get better.
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I'm sending my prayers to your friend and little Scotty.
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I will pray for all of you. Bless you. You are a true friend to this woman.
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Prayers and good vibes to Scotty and your friend.
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Poor Scotty Sending lois of get well vibes his way and to his very worried mama.
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So sorry to hear about Scotty I hope he feels well soon I am sending prayers your way
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Good vibes and well-wishing sent to the furbaby and his momma.
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Thanks so much everyone--you're so kind and I know this will be a great blessing for Scotty and Marsha! I will keep you posted. Thanks again, so much.
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....for Marsha and little Scotty. *HUGS* to them both. I can imagine how worried Marsha must be, but sounds like she's taking EXTREMELY great care of her little one!

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I can spare plenty of prayers for them!
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Thank you all so so much for your kindness, it is so much appreciated. Sadly little Scotty has lost his brave fight. I have posted a tribute to him in the "Crossing Over" thread--I myself have just learned of his death and I'm in tears right now--poor Marsha is brave but she's devastated. Please continue praying for them both!!! You're all so sweet, I know you would have saved little Scotty if you could... Thank you again so much for caring for this sweet baby and his mama.
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