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The Late Nite No No/Yes Yes Game - Page 4  

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Being owned by your cat with pride is a yes yes! *I am owned by my cat Charlie*
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Not being owned by a cat is a BIG No No
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spaying and neutering your cat is a HUGE yes yes!
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Spraying and buttering your cat is HUGE no no!
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buttering the cat's back and dropping them to test the "toast always lands butter-side-down" v.s "cats always land on their feet" theory is a yes yes. In theory. Don't try this at home kids.... you inevitably will come out of it severely lacerated. Making it a no no in practice unless you're made of teflon.
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lol! that was funny!

doing somehtign whe someone says "odn't try this at home" is a BIG no no!
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It's late at night (or nite) somewhere in the world, so posting here is a yes yes.

Coming home to a yummy-smelling dinner in the crockpot is a yes yes.
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Living in Hurricane Alley is getting to be a real no no.
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deciding to play so poor Deb isnt by herself is a YES YES!!!!
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Baking low-fat cookies on a cold fall night is a yes-yes
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Baking cookies in a crockpot is a no-no.
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Bringing up home-baked cookies when there is no way for me to bake some tonight (or was that tonite?) is a no no.
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Having coffee delivered nice and hot to you in bed in the morning is a yes yes!
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Attempting to chug hot coffee is a no no.
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Attempting to chug a cold beer on a hot day is a yes yes. Driving afterwards would be a no no
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Underage drinking of (root) brewskies is a yes yes.
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Playing Ryan's silly games is a no no. Or a yes yes, depending on how you look at it! (no no ~ you're only encouraging him to come up with more / yes yes ~ they're fun!!)
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Not knowing what Linda left off at is a NO NO!!!!
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Originally Posted by Nebula11
Not knowing what Linda left off at is a NO NO!!!!

Making you think is a yes yes.

Thinking too hard though, is a no no (headache~ouch!)
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Thinking very little and injoying yourself wall lieing on the couch watching TV like a mindless Zombie with your cat cuddled up with you is a YES YES YES!
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Feeding your kits an hour late, and having them surround you like you are the weakest link is a NO NO!!!!!!!
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"Watching your meowmy clean the litter box and then hop in immediately AFTERWARDS to do your business is a yes yes!" - quote from Kuri, the little orange boy...
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Making turkey chili for dinner is a yes-yes when it's cold out!

Brown 1 lb lean ground turkey
When browned, place the turkey into a crockpot or large dutch oven (i prefer using a crockpot)
In the pan in which you cooked the turkey, saute diced onions, red peppers, and garlic til the onions are translucent, then throw em in the crockpot
Then, bust out the can opener for:
2 14 oz cans of stewed tomatoes
1 14 oz can Heinz tomato sauce
1 14 oz can kidney beans
1 14 oz can black beans
1 7 oz can diced green chiles
1 14 oz can corn

Slap em all in the crockpot.
Add chili powder, a bay leaf, cumin, a dash of hot sauce, some oregano and a cinnamon stick (no exact measurements here, just slap it in there and give it a taste and adjust to your personal palate)

Turn the crockpot on to the 6 hour setting. Ignore. Periodically stir.
6 hours later, fish out the bay leaf and cinnamon stick and eat with some lowfat mexican cheese sprinkled on top and some tortilla chips.

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I am making that tonight. OMG it looks delish.

Although, actually, cooking for yourself on the evening of your first anniversary is a no no - think I'm being taken out for dinner!!
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1. Laying on my clean work uniform is a no no, Aurora!
2. Mommy's work uniform smells like fast food and is a yes yes! ~Aurora
3. Getting on the stove is a no no!
4. Beefaroni is better than cat food mommy yes yes!~ Aurora

That's your opinion Aurora........
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Wow, all this food talk is making me hungry....

Eating dinner alone on your anniversary is a no-no!
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Eating dinner with the guy of your dreams is a yes-yes!
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Parasitology is a NO NO!!!!!!
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Having to use a dictonary to look that up is a yes-yes!
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Useing the dictionary and still not knowing what it is is a No-No.
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