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Help pls!...

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Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and i'm praying someone can help me! I have 2 cats..Peanut is 5yrs old..Patches is 3yrs old. They've been together since Patches was a baby. Anyway, Peanut is sick right now so i just had her to the vet on Thursday. The vet ended up having to wash her bum because she had extremely loose stools in her crate and it was all on her fur. Anyway..they washed her up, put her on antibiotics and we came home. Since then Patches has been completely FREAKED OUT! She sniffed Peanut once then slinked away from her. I understand that it was probably the bum wash scent that put her off. Anyway, it's now Saturday and Patches still acts like she's completely forgotten who Peanut is. Up till today she would slink over and sniff her..sometimes even sit next to her..but not make any other contact with her. A few mins ago i saw them both in the front hallway. Peanut was just looking at Patches when suddenly Patches hissed and growled at her. I'm concerned about this! These 2 have been totally inseparable since Patches came into our home..but now it's looking like they're enemies. Could this just be that Patches is picking up that Peanut is sick? Could it be that because Peanut is sick and not acting her usual self that's also got her freaked out?? Jeez, will these 2 ever become close again???
Thanx for any advice u can offer. I was thinking of bathing each of them to at least give them the same smell but with Peanut still being ill I don't think that's a wise decision. And i really think we're probably beyond that point now anyway..they've been together like this for 3 days now. Has this happened to any of u? Did they eventually get over it??
Help pls!

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I've browsed this site and noticed that the Bach's flower essences seem to be highly recommended. I'm just wondering..i have some of the Rescue Remedy that i was using for my dog so i still have some. Should i maybe try some of this on Patches? If so, how much do i give..and how do i give it? With my dog i put it right on his nose..can i do the same for the cat? And how long will it take to notice anything? I think, if i remember correctly, it took approx 2 weeks to notice a change in my dog

Lisa :O)
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Is Rescue Remedy the same as Bach's? Does the bottle say it's ok for dogs AND cats, or just dogs? I'd look up Rescue Remedy's website before using on a cat definately.

Is Peanut feeling any better? Are they still acting the same?
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thanx for your reply :O) Yes, both cats r still acting the same..really odd. And yes, Peanut is still sick..hopefully the antibiotics will start to kick in tonight or tomorrow. I did go to the Bachs site and got the info i needed. I just gave Patches her first dose..lets hope it doesn't take long to take effect. She certainly wasn't too impressed! LOL

Lisa :O)
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Weird. I hope they start getting along soon! Keep us updated. Anyone know if it might be the change in smell? Maybe instead of a bath you could just wipe them down with the same stuff, something kitty safe?
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Speaking from previous experience: This problem should resolve by itself in a couple of days. Patches is acting normally, he can't recognize Peanut right now because she smells different. I used to have this happen at my house occasionally when one of the cats went to the vet. After a couple of days the veterinary smells will wear off and Patches will be able to recognize Peanut again, then their behavior should return to what it was before. It could also be possible that he can sense that there is something wrong with Peanut, and is reacting to that too. Let us know how things are going.
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"I was thinking of bathing each of them to at least give them the same smell"

You don't need to bath them but it is recommended to get them to smell the same. Sometimes what people do is rub both cats with some bedding that has familiar kitty smell (especially on their face and butt). I would do the sick kitty first so that Patches will get a little of the foreign vet smell on herself.

Alternatively some recommend putting a dab of scent on a damp washcloth and rubbing it over both cats, so that they each smell the same.
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