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Both my girls have learned to open doors and cabinets. Chloe plays fetch. Iris steals! She especially likes shiny things, pens, watches, and credit cards. She can also pick things up really well with her paws. She has long "fingers" - it's amazing.
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Originally Posted by MrsFishy
Wow! After reading all these, I remebered some stuff. I guess I just didn't think of them as talents as much as strange quirks! LOL Molly also learned how to flush the toilets but since she was making our water bill go through the roof, we changed the tension on the handles so now they're too hard for her to push down. She also sits up and begs like a dog when we're by the treat cabinet. It's so cute! LOL Lastly, she also plays fetch. My husband throws a wadded up coffee filter and she runs and gets it and drops it at his feet for him to throw again. She'll always do it exactly 5 times and then give up.
My sister's kitties will do that, but not to an exact science.
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Scooter does an impression of Puss-in-Boots from Shrek. He will put his little paws on the end of the couch, rest his chin on his paws, and open his eyes really wide until he gets your attention. It is too cute. I have been trying unsuccessfully to get a pic.
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barnabys a body peircer,if u have him on your lap out come the talons and peirce what ever bit of u hes on at the time,very painfull and all 3 of them are magicians,they can make food vanish in a blink of an eye LOL
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Ted Brogan can

*fetch, he also plays fetch by himself if noone plays with him. He will toss the ball and chase after it and kick it about like a soccar ball and pick it up, wander about and do it some more.

*He will meow if you ask him questions. Like I asked him a few questions like "Ted are you wearing your cat pants today?" and he will say "reeeeoooowwwwww"

*Dog herder. When we let our dog diddy in he will pounce him and lead him to his cage.

*fur coat model extordinaire.
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Well, Chilmole hunts snakes.
Bebita stands on two legs, looking a lot like a prairie dog.
Chimay and Yeyé two can push doors open.

But all of them come up to me, I put them in an upright position with my hands, keeping their feet on the ground, then I grab their back and sides at chest level while pressing my thumbs on their armpits, and they stretch...really hard.

Finally, if I scratch the spot where the tail meet the back, they all start licking themselves, and if I put two of them in front of each other and scratch them, they lick each other.

Oh, one more: If I go "meow" to Bebita, she'll ignore it, but if I go "meow?" (in question form), she'll always answer back.
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Originally Posted by Nebula11
Emmet can open any door too.....

but his real talent is super spooky

If I say "Emmet find mabby".....he will run to where mabby is a meow like crazy till i go over to him and look at her......(He'll also find Doofus and Poppy too)...very creepy, but very cool.....

Doofus has the talent of knocking everything in his path over...no matter where it is or what it is.....

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