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Vaccination reaction in 8 week old kitten

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Hi. I would like to ask you all a question...
I have an 8 week old kitten who got shots today (Leukemia and Distemper plus dewormer even though the fecal was negative), She has been very sleepy (lethargic) ever since....that was at around 3:45pm today. She is eating and defecating as usual, but she is sleeping more than normal. I have only had her since Sunday, but I am alittle worried. She is my first kitten in almost 14 years. My last cat died last year at 12 of Kidney Failure...it's been a long time since a kitten was in the house. Also, because my other cat was older she didn't have to have vaccinations so regularly. I am worried about my little Stormy girl and I will most definitely call the vet in the AM, but I was hoping some of you could ease my mind. BTW, she is a really good kitty. She loves to play (other than today after the vaccs). She is getting along well with my two boys (8 and 5) and her animal sister Zena (the GSD...german shepherd dog). We have baby gates up and the works to have her private places, and she slept above my head on my pillow last night...she is a sweetie. I hope she is ok. I know the vacc. can be hard on their systems. I vaccinate my gsd every two to three years instead of yearly because I know the side effects these things can cause.
Well, thanks for any advice you can give me. It is much appreciated. BTW, she will be spayed and she will be keeping her claws. I bought some scratch pads with cat nip and I am either going to have my hubby build her a scratch house or we will buy one.

Edited to add....my name is Wendy
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Hi, Wendy. I am not sure I noticed this type of difference in my kitty when she got her shots, however, I know my KIDS both slept a bit more when they were infants after their immunization shots so I don't know that's it's too much to be concerned with. I'd just call the vet in the a.m. and make sure it's not an adverse effect. Congrats on your new fur baby!!!
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That looks like a normal reaction to the vaccines to me. Mine slept for several hours after returning from the vet. If it lasts more than 24 hours though, I would call the vet and get her back in asap just to make sure she is alright.

And Welcome to the site!
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Welcome to TCS Wendy!!! That is a typical "reaction" to a yound kitten getting vaccines. It may help if you do one vaccine at a time. They usually snap out of it by the next day. Call you vet, but I wouldn't worry!!
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Thank ya'll so much. She is doing much better. I did call the vet and they too said that was a normal reaction in kitten's. I appreciate all of your replies. Thanks again.
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My kitten had a very bad reaction to the vaccines. She lost the sight in her eyes temporarily and was meowing constantly like she was in pain. It scared us that the effects of the vaccine can not be reversed, she could have died. We were told by the vet that if we wanted to keep having her vaccinated we would have to give her steroid injections to counteract the vaccine effects which would not guarentee that the vaccine would work. So we decided not to have her vaccinated again.
I think your kitty will be okay, just mention it to the vet next time you get her vaccinated, and they will be better able to advise you.
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