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Maxx, our cat, is a howler

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This is from my mom, any advice will help:

My husband and I (no kids at home) adopted Maxx off the street 2 years ago. He's a beautiful, large (19 lbs but not fat), shorthaired, neutered, indoor cat. he was in good condition when we gave him a home and the vet thought he was about 4 years old. Efforts to locate his previous family/home were unsuccessful.
The problem is that he howls and seems inconsolable for long periods of time during the day. Sometimes, at night, he'll come into our bedroom and wake us up. This seems to go in spells, several days in a row then he's OK. If we close the bedroom door, he scratches it. It's frustrating; like a baby that cries after (s)he's been fed, burped, diaper changed etc. We take good care of Maxx, watch his diet, fresh water, clean his box after he uses it. He howls and seems to want attention but resists when we pick him up to cuddle and wants to jump down. He's also quite skitterish and startles easily if surprised (doesn't happen often); his vertical take-offs are amazing.
We love Maxx dearly and want him to be happy. He does settle in the evenings when my husband and are sitting in the same room and settled. I think this is the key - if he knows where both of us are he's OK. Otherwise not. I tried Feliway but he was scared away by the sound the spray makes! Any suggestions as to how to reassure/calm him would be much appreciated.
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Katie, I know you have already told your Mom to make sure this isn't indicative of health issues first so to suggest that she make a vet appointment here is probably redundant.

Once health issues are ruled out here, one thought is that this little guy sounds like he could use a good, long, interactive play session. It could be that he is bored. Does he have lots of toys and things to keep him interested? My cats love those wand toys you can get at Petsmart ... maybe you could go and pick one up for him - take it over to your Mom's and see if you can engage him to play with you.
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